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Fri 06Sep
Sun 08Sep

Relax body, mind and soul with yoga

Facilitator: Mel Skinner

Step away from the to-do lists, the responsibilities and the busy-ness and remember what it is to rest, relax and restore with restorative, gentle yoga and yoga nidra. These forms of yoga are designed to take the body out of fight or flight mode and move you into rest and digest by releasing muscle tension, liberating the natural breath, and calming the mind. Come and be nourished, and prepare to greet the darker days feeling more relaxed and well.

Event time: Fri 6th Sep at 4:00pm - Sun 8th Sep at 3:00pm

At a glance

  • Restorative and gentle yoga with deeply relaxing yoga nidra
  • Silent meditation walks
  • Poetry and Philosophy

What will participants gain

  • The chance to discover nourishing and restorative yoga to rest aching muscles and weary bones
  • A form of meditation done through complete relaxation
  • The opportunity to connect with the beautiful surroundings through silent walks and time in nature

Enter into autumn with grace on this yoga retreat which promises to give you time and space to breathe. With two yoga sessions a day, including restorative yoga and yoga nidra, this retreat will give you the opportunity to connect with nature, to rest, and to step away from the to-do lists and responsibilities. Come and be nourished, and prepare to greet the darker days feeling more relaxed and well. Before breakfast, there is the option to join Mel with a silent meditation walk to the woodland sanctuary. After breakfast, we will explore simple meditations and gentle yin and yang yoga.

In the late afternoon we will use more restorative yoga practices designed to take the body and brain out of high stress, and into a state of complete relaxation. There will be yoga nidra, a form of meditation through deep relaxation each day, and the afternoons you can join me to discuss and share poetry and philosophy, or if you prefer some time alone, you can use this time to read, walk or simply catch up on sleep. The aim of this retreat is to slow ourselves down. I encourage you to let yourself move at the pace of your body. You may be surprised by how tired you really are, so afternoon naps, relaxing with a book, or enjoying a stroll to the meditation hut in the woods are all welcome here. You are free to do as little or as much of the yoga as you like.


Price Options

£235 Non-Residential
£275 Residential Shared
£325 Residential Single


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Mel Skinner

Mel became a qualified yoga teacher in 2014, and since then has spent time undertaking intensive study with a number of skilled and inspirational teachers in the UK and India, as well as exploring her own home practice. Mel now teaches classes, workshops and retreats to groups as well as working with one-to-one with clients experiencing anxiety, PTSD, depression, stress, low self esteem, menstrual difficulties and more. Mel has specialised her training in restorative yoga, yoga nidra and yoga for women’s wellbeing (although she love to practice all forms of yoga) and she is fascinated by the body’s capacity to heal itself, and the mind’s potential for expansion. Yoga has changed Mel’s life, and she is deeply honoured to share their teachings with others, firmly believing that yoga can be made suitable for all ages, genders, shapes and sizes. Mel is also a reflexologist, astrologer and writer, and enjoys spending time in the woods and by the river near her home in Bristol, with her husband.

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"Mel's retreats are deeply nourishing for the soul and her authentic nature and wisdom beyond her years really helps me to give myself permission to relax. It's made all the more enjoyable by being set in such lovely grounds."
- Marcus

"Thank you very much for the delightful retreat! I have felt extremely well this week, which is no small part thanks to you. The retreat was everything I'd hoped it would be: nourishing, with gentle yoga and allowing me the time and space to work through the things that I needed to sort out in mind! Thank you."
- Anastassia, Sept 2015

“This retreat has given me the chance to reconnect with myself and find stillness. It has been a peaceful experience and I am determined to take away what I have learned into my life. Thank you.”
- Rebecca Kay, Sept 2015

"Dear Mel, this retreat was one in many but not one to forget. Thank you so much for guiding me back to hatha yoga and for the exquisite yoga nidra.”
- Dee Kraus-Kerby, Sept 2015