Monoprinting Fun & Festive Christmas Cards [online]

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Mon 14Dec 20
Virtual Event

Free masterclass, live streamed to our Facebook Page

Facilitator: Cathy Mills

Do you still have to make your Christmas cards, but are in need of some inspiration?

There is still time! Join us for a fun and playful masterclass with Cathy Mills live-streamed from her art studio. Part a masterclass and part a show and tell. 

Cathy will be using her rollers, inks and plates for rolling out the ink – if you would like to join in, make sure to have your kit ready.

* Please note that this is an online event, live-streamed to our Facebook Page.

Cathy will show you live a couple of basic mono-printing methods and show how she has made her own cards in this way. She will be using inks, rollers and plates. She will also be using a range of images of animals and natural forms that can be traced through to provide one layer of a printed image – make some time in the days prior to cut out your favourite forms.
She will talk about different ways of making a mono-print and show how versatile it can be through looking at other cards made in this way.
Cathy will be showing how to use a mixture of techniques to lay down background in one or two colours and then trace through an image to go on the top to produce a simple but interesting image. This can then be played with by sticking collaged pieces on to it and if desired, printing words on. In this way, lovely Christmas cards and cards of all kinds can be made!

How to Join

  1. Go to the Facebook Event
  2. Click on “Interested” or “Going” to be notified when the live stream starts.
  3. Or alternatively, head to our Facebook page on the day and catch it live!

Practical Information

Cathy will be using her rollers, inks and plates for rolling out the ink – if you would like to join her make sure to have your kit ready. 

This live-streamed masterclass will be live-streamed in real-time with the tutor via the Hawkwood Facebook.

Sign up to this platform is free. You will need a laptop, computer, tablet or a smartphone – with an in-built camera and microphone – and a reliable internet connection. We will provide more information and joining instructions in advance of the first session.

Recordings will be available and free for all in our Facebook Profile.

Cathy Mills

Cathy has been living in the Stroud Valleys for 19 years. She has recently been exploring the printing practice of stone lithography, alongside drawing, painting and mono printing.

Cathy is a full time member and teacher at the Gloucestershire Print Coop. Cathy also teaches children drawing, print and sculpture. She has completed an MA in Community Arts at Cheltenham Art College and has run projects in schools, hospitals and adventure playgrounds.

Cathy has always loved drawing and the marks that can be created through the printmaking process have a fluidity and unpredictability that suits her. In the past she has made more sculptural work, enjoying working in the landscape.

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