Music That Matters with Alabaster dePlume

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Alabaster dePlume
Wed 23Jun
Virtual Event

Music, caring, mental health: Music That Matters Series

Facilitators: Alabaster dePlume, Alicia Carey & Matthew Shaw

Event time: Wed 23rd Jun 2021 at 7:00pm - Wed 23rd Jun 2021 at 8:30pm


Tune in for a #MusicThatMatters episode with singer, songwriter and saxophonist Alabaster DePlume, well known for bringing theatrical spoken word to music audiences. This episode will explore the topics of music, caring, mental health and how they interweave. Hosting by Hawkwood CEO Alicia Carey and Matthew Shaw.

“One of the most thrilling performances I’ve seen this year; a reminder of how vital and adventurous music can be”
– Laura Barton, The Guardian

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Youtube Premiere as part of Music that Matters series.


As part of Hawkwood and Sea Change Presents: London and Manchester-based spoken word artist, writer and saxophonist Angus Fairbairn AKA Alabaster dePlume


Date TBC.

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Alabaster dePlume made his Lost Map debut with the release of the postcard single, ‘Be Nice To People’ in October 2017. The track is a peculiar, atmospheric, righteous and suitably intriguing introduction to Angus’s wonderfully uncategorisable output spanning the realms of performance poetry and folk and jazz music, described as “cheerfully uneasy” listening and “totally unique… very, very brilliant indeed” by BBC Radio 3’s Max Reinhardt.

New single, the mesmeric ‘They Put The Stars Far Away’, is released in March 2018 with an accompanying UK tour. Both tracks are taken from the forthcoming new album The Corner of a Sphere, which will arrive on Lost Map later in the year.

The Corner of a Sphere is Alabaster DePlume’s fourth album to date, following three successful self-releases on vinyl, CD and digital formats in collaboration with Manchester’s Debt Records. Angus has developed an audience in East London through a growing monthly development residency, PEACH at the Total Refreshment Centre, described by The Guardian as “one of the most thrilling performances I’ve seen this year; a reminder of how vital and adventurous music can be”, from which three recent live clips have been shared 870 times with views of more than 117,000. The show also enjoys notoriety in Manchester, Bristol and Edinburgh. Alabaster DePlume has elsewhere performed for BBC Radio 3, National Theatre and at clubs and theatres around the UK. He occasionally moonlights as a saxophonist for artists including Liz Green, Honeyfeet and Lost Map’s own Rozi Plain.

“Totally unique… Very, very brilliant indeed” – Max Reinhardt, BBC Radio 3
“…Majesty” – Q Magazine
“Takes the biscuit” – DJ Magazine
“a torrent of words and ideas that never fail to inspire” – CLASH Music
“One of my definite favourite saxophone players from this country” – Shabaka Hutchings
“Frankly @a_deplume is outrageously talented and puts the rest of us to shame, this is just sublime, one of my favourite poets by a country mile” – WordLife Sheffield

Music That Matters Series with Alicia Carey & Matthew Shaw

In Partnership with Sea Change

Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking has a growing national & international significance as a place offering high-quality, innovative creative opportunities for those in the arts & cultural sector. We place great value upon music and the arts, recognising that creativity sits at the bedrock of human culture. From Classical to folk, it is through the art of music that humanity can contribute to the beauty of our world.

Understanding and appreciating music from the performer’s perspective.
Alicia Carey

An introduction to some of the most beautiful pieces of music throughout history to give you an insight into the context, the creativity and the performance aspects of well-loved classics. Hosted by Alicia Carey, CEO of Hawkwood CFT.

Matthew Shaw

We will be exploring the creativity, the communities and stories of a wide range of musical performers and projects. From music for healing and caring to equality and diversity to climate action and humanitarian issues. We will bring you live music and discussion, playbacks and in-depth conversation with the opportunity for you to get involved.

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Alicia Carey

Alicia shows how building trust, embodying values and allowing just the right level of risk enables opportunities to flourish. Collaboration, curiosity and warmth characterise her interactions at every level. In 10 years at Hawkwood CFT, Alicia's unique leadership style has brought financial abundance, international recognition and creative zest.

Alicia Carey leads Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking with passion and purpose. Prior to arriving in Gloucestershire, she ran the Dartington International Summer School, managed opera singers at IMG and toured the globe with the world’s top orchestras.

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Matthew Shaw

Matthew Shaw is a composer, author and artist as well as current Programme Curator for Hawkwood.
Atmosphere of Mona, a book of prose poetry and photography was published by Annwyn House in 2020. Matthew has recently worked with Shirley Collins on her album Heart’s Ease for Domino Recordings. With Shaun Ryder and John Robb as Spectral & with Richard Norris composing the score to ‘The Filmmakers House’ a film by Marc Isaacs.

In 2019 Matthew worked with Mark Stewart and Gareth Sager on #BloodMoney as The Pop Group x Matthew Shaw, featuring a reworking of songs from the ‘Y’ album.

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Sea Change

Sea Change Festival is curated and presented by the award-winning Drift Record Shop and is based in Totnes town across the August bank holiday weekend each and every year.

Sea Change is about music, art and conversation from every part of the spectrum.

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