Music That Matters with the Mirry Project

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Thu 17Jun
Virtual Event

Carers: Music That Matters Series

Facilitator: Mirry Project Makers & Matthew Shaw

Event time: Thu 17th Jun 2021 at 7:00pm - Thu 17th Jun 2021 at 8:30pm

A Youtube Premiere of unseen footage of The Mirry Project. A family story of intergenerational art, connection and rebirth.

This is a touching story of Great Aunt Mirry; a carer all her life who in her secret world recorded music with her nephew in the 1950’s.

This magical story spans through the closeness of family, a woman’s creative work in the 1950’s – through to chance discovery of the tapes, and now the delicate process of bringing forward Great Aunt Mirry’s music, 70 years after their recordings.

“Mirry is one of those rare projects where the story seems so absolutely magical, that it’s almost impossible to imagine such beauty being lost in the shadows for so long.”


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Youtube Premiere as part of Music that Matters series.

As part of Hawkwood and Sea Change Presents: Simon Tong & Tom Fraser show, through personal archived footage from family vaults, the evolution of the project “Mirry”.

The project has delicately taken form alongside curator Kirsteen McNish and Rupert Morrison (Dutchess Records).

Here they show unseen footage plus the first video single “Anthem” directed by Camella Kirk.

 Thursday 17th June @ 19:00 on, please Watch Here or press play above ⬆

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30 years ago, Edinburgh-based musician Tom Fraser was helping with the house clearance after his grandfather’s death and found an old, scratched Transco record left out on the street. He took it home where it sat on a shelf for years, until one day during lockdown, he gave it a play; and a whole world opened up to him. His Great Aunt Mirry had recorded a number of piano compositions that she had kept secret from her family.

Since then, Tom has been re-working and re-mixing her compositions with his brother-in-law Simon Tong (The Verve, The Good the Bad and the Queen, and The Magnetic North) and together with project curator Kirsteen McNish they hope that this secret life will now reach beyond Mirry’s own four walls.

We will be joined by Simon, Tom, Kirsteen and Rupert who between them put the Mirry project together.

Music That Matters Series with Alicia Carey & Matthew Shaw

In Partnership with Sea Change

Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking has a growing national & international significance as a place offering high-quality, innovative creative opportunities for those in the arts & cultural sector. We place great value upon music and the arts, recognising that creativity sits at the bedrock of human culture. From Classical to folk, it is through the art of music that humanity can contribute to the beauty of our world.

Understanding and appreciating music from the performer’s perspective.
Alicia Carey

An introduction to some of the most beautiful pieces of music throughout history to give you an insight into the context, the creativity and the performance aspects of well-loved classics. Hosted by Alicia Carey, CEO of Hawkwood CFT.

Matthew Shaw

We will be exploring the creativity, the communities and stories of a wide range of musical performers and projects. From music for healing and caring to equality and diversity to climate action and humanitarian issues. We will bring you live music and discussion, playbacks and in-depth conversation with the opportunity for you to get involved.

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The event will be held as a premier via our YouTube channel.

For the Premiere: Watch Here or press play above ⬆

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The Mirry Team

Simon Tong is a Lancashire born guitarist and musical collaborator who has worked with The Verve, Damon Albarn and The Magnetic North.

Tom Fraser is an Edinburgh-based musician who has been self-releasing music and short stories since the early '90s.

Kirsteen McNish is an arts consultant and events curator who works across many disciplines from music campaigns, literary events, outdoor installations, and has curated a number of arts festivals.

Camella Kirk is a multidisciplinary designer and director.

Rupert Morrison is director of Seachange Presents, owner of Drift Records and runs Dutchess Records.

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Matthew Shaw

Matthew Shaw is a composer, author and artist as well as current Programme Curator for Hawkwood.
Atmosphere of Mona, a book of prose poetry and photography was published by Annwyn House in 2020. Matthew has recently worked with Shirley Collins on her album Heart’s Ease for Domino Recordings. With Shaun Ryder and John Robb as Spectral & with Richard Norris composing the score to ‘The Filmmakers House’ a film by Marc Isaacs.

In 2019 Matthew worked with Mark Stewart and Gareth Sager on #BloodMoney as The Pop Group x Matthew Shaw, featuring a reworking of songs from the ‘Y’ album.

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Sea Change

Sea Change Festival is curated and presented by the award-winning Drift Record Shop and is based in Totnes town across the August bank holiday weekend each and every year.

Sea Change is about music, art and conversation from every part of the spectrum.

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