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Fri 06Sep

Public talk with Ravi Ravindra

Spiritual scholar Ravi Ravindra will be giving a public talk on “Self Inquiry & Transformation” in the opening evening of his weekend retreat “Yoga Philosophy”.

Ravi makes complex concepts accessible to those with a general interest, or deeper knowledge. He encourages people to bring their questions to the talk.

Event time: Fri 6th Sep at 8:00pm - Fri 6th Sep at 9:30pm

In order to discover and live in harmony with my real Self, I need to undertake an impartial and in-depth self-inquiry to find out the major characteristics of what I usually call myself.  Whatever I become aware of changes in its quality and in its relationship with me. Awareness is the mechanism of transformation. Knowing and being are intimately connected in a spiral relationship. This is the reason that the main yoga that is taught in the Bhagavad Gita is the yoga of awareness (buddhi yoga).

There will be books on sale.

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Ravi Ravindra PhD

Ravi Ravindra PhD was born in India and partly educated there before moving to Canada. HHe is now Professor Emeritus at Dalhousie University in Halifax (Canada) where he served for many years as a Professor in the departments of Comparative Religion, Philosophy, and of Physics.

He is a spiritual visionary, scholar and international speaker. Ravi's spiritual search has led him to the teachings of J. Krishnamurti, G. I. Gurdjieff, Zen, Yoga, and a deep immersion in the mystical teachings of the Indian and Christian classical traditions. He is the author of several books on religion, science, mysticism, and spirituality

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"Ravi Ravindra wears his extensive knowledge lightly and delivers it with gentle humour. He has studied with Krishnamurti, the school of Gurdjieff, and sages of Meditation and yoga, and written many deep but accessible books. His is wisdom tempered with compassion, an intellect undaunted by ego. He will quote (with verse numbers) from the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, the Koran and Kabbalah, without being pompous or patronising. Always calm and smiling, he's a perfect guide through the foothills and base camps of the spiritual kingdoms. Trust him"

- Sally Birch Jan 2019