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Re-connecting to Wild Nature
Wed 26Aug 20

Re-connecting to Wild Nature

Inter-species Communication

Join us for this one-hour online Conversation that Matters as we explore our connection with the natural world and consider how this reconnects us to our own wild nature. Learn about interspecies communication and experience the world through the eyes of our wild kin.

Event time: Wed 26th Aug 2020 at 7:00pm - Wed 26th Aug 2020 at 8:00pm

Conversations That Matter

Hawkwood is a place to grow, a place to create and a place for conversation. We are committed to opening up spaces for people to come together and truly have #ConversationsThatMatter. This is an explorative and widely inclusive ground to share, connect and speak from or for our rapidly changing world.

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The talk will be held in real time with the tutor via the Zoom platform and Live Streamed to our Social Media Channels.

To attend, you will need a laptop, computer, tablet or a smartphone connected to the internet.

Jacqueline Buckingham

Jacqueline is an international animal communication mentor and teacher, who has been communicating with animals since she was a child. As a teacher she was mentored by and worked with renowned animal communicator Anna Breytenbach for several years.

Jacqueline is passionate about restoring balance and harmony between humans and the rest of the natural world. Find out more about Jacqueline's work here.

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