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Event Cancelled
Sun 22Sep

Transformational Painting Meditation

Facilitator: Herewood Gabriel

This method of painting is about freeing yourself up to the joys and wonder of colors, imagery, and shapes. Through spontaneous painting, you reveal hidden aspects of yourself. You then learn how to discriminate between what you want to reveal and what you don’t. Lastly you begin to understand what your painting has revealed to you in the form of symbolism and mythic imagery.

Event time: Sun 22nd Sep at 9:30am - Sun 22nd Sep at 5:00pm

At a glance

  • The joy and wonder of spontaneous painting.
  • Defining mythic imagery revealed.
  • Understanding its message to you.

What participants will gain

  • Whether they are a seasoned artist or a complete beginner they will learn how to let go and free themselves up to expressing their deeper selves.
  • They will learn techniques on how to define and clarify the imagery as it appears in their paintings.
  • They will learn how to read their paintings imagery and symbolism, so it makes sense to their day-to-day lives.

This is a one-day workshop whereby the participants will be led through a four-part painting method. The first part is about letting go, freeing oneself up to painting in a spontaneous and loose manner. This is where the bulk of the paintings happen, as participants will paint about 4-6 pictures. The second part is about reflectively gazing into these paintings and, like looking into clouds or tea-leaves, recognizable images will be seen. The third part is about defining favorite or meaningful imagery and carefully drawing it out so it is clear. The last part is about understanding the imagery and symbolism and making sense of it. Like interpreting dreams, meaning is in layers and the deeper interpretations often take time to surface. Click here to find out more about soulscapes.

Price Options

£75 Day Ticket


Tickets are not available as this event has passed.

Practical Information

No previous experience necessary.

Please wear old clothes or bring an apron to protect yourself from splashes and paint. The paint is water-based, so will wash out. I will supply all the materials but feel free to bring your favorite brushes.

Price includes materials, delicious two-course lunch, and refreshments.

Registration from 9.00am-9:30am.

Herewood Gabriel

Herewood Gabriel trained as an illustrator and graphic designer, then followed a calling to become a ‘green monk’, an alchemical fusion between living a spiritual life and being an environmental campaigner. He has been teaching ‘Soulscapes’ since 2005.

Dissilutioned by the commercialism of modern work life and his inner hunger for something more meaningful, he looked around for answers. Soon he found an artistic/spiritual/environmentalist community, which opened up his life and revolutionised his way of looking at and being in the world. He spent the next 14 years practising another way of painting, which so inspired him he still practices and teaches it today. His spiritual practice was a mixture of Gurdjieff work and elemental archetypes, which have helped him understand himself, other people, his paintings and the environment on a deep level.

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“I highly recommend Herewood's workshops! Magical, fun and bring out the artist you never knew you were!”

“Herewood’s presence and natural ability to produce such exquisite artworks can only inspire and assist you in developing your own individual creations…this workshop is totally unique and inspirational.”

“It was really helpful to me using colour boldly and freely and has totally inspired me to get back into doing art.”