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Celtic House Clearing with Caitlin Matthews
Thu 04Jul
Sun 07Jul

Celtic methods of house-clearing

Facilitator: Caitlín Matthews & Cáit Branigan

This course explores and teaches all that is necessary to know about methods of House Clearing: what arises, how to understand whence something is arising, and what to do about it in clear and simple terms. Based upon the practical work of two experienced practitioners in the field, house-clearing is conveyed with verve and common sense. This course is for those who have strong means of inner guidance or who can shamanically journey.

Event time: Thu 4th Jul 2019 at 4:00pm - Sun 7th Jul 2019 at 2:00pm

At a glance

  • Discover how to clear intrusions, calm energies, and bring blessing to your home.
  • Deal with trapped ancestors, hauntings and other disturbances in compassionate ways.


Participants will gain

  • Find how to use the practical skills of house-clearing
  • Discover a calm and compassionate attitude to house-clearing


This three-day training course uses shamanic journeying, meditation and practical exercises to explore the core elements of house-clearing which may arise environmentally, energetically or from the residues of past occupants, ancestors or trapped spirits. We will work with ley/dragon lines and underground streams explore the clearing of negative/blocked energies, and look at how we communicate with spirits, handle hauntings and how we bless the home. 

Our approach to this work is through personal spiritual grounding, common sense and compassion: we explore the practicalities of how we come into someone’s home, prepared and ready for work, without judgement and with respect for the family home, or other building that may need work.

This training is taught by Cáit Branigan who has 2 decades experience working professionally healing land and homes around Ireland and by Caitlín Matthews who has dealt with psychic disturbances and issues of ancestral causation for over 30 years. 

Price Options

£320 Non-Residential
£380 Residential Shares
£440 Residential Single


Tickets are not available as this event has passed.

Practical Information

Student Joining Instructions: this course is for students with strong sources of inner guidance, preferably those who can shamanically journey. Please contact Caitlín Matthews in advance if new to this work on tigerna9@aol.com Bring dowsing rods and a pendulum. We will be working outside, so please bring rain gear.

Please note that prices are listed per person. Residential options are fully inclusive with all meals provided. Non-residential options include suppers, lunches and all refreshments and exclude B&B.

Caitlín Matthews

Caitlín Matthews is the author of over 78 books, including Singing the Soul Back Home and Psychic Protection Handbook. She is internationally renowned for her research into the Celtic, mythic and ancestral traditions, and is one of the foremost exponents in the creative metaphysical field. Her latest books include, Diary of a Soul Doctor, The Lost Book of the Grail and Celtic Visions. As director of studies for The Foundation for Inspirational and Oracular Studies, a society dedicated to the unwritten sacred arts, she teaches internationally. She has worked for the Temenos Academy at the Prince of Wales Architectural Trust, Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre in Birmingham, Lindisfarne Trust, Schumacher College, Regent's College, Oxford University, University of Jyväskylä, University of Lisbon, Psychosysthesie in Utrecht, Centre for the Divine Feminine in Palo Alto, Starhouse in Colorado, Neve Shalom in Tel Aviv, and for the Sisters of Mercy in Brisbane. Caitlín has a shamanic healing practice in Oxford. See www.hallowquest.org.uk for her events, courses and forthcoming books.

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Cáit Branigan

Cáit Branigan is an Ordained Priestess Hierophant of the Western Mystery Tradition, a Bean Feasa (Shamanic Practitioner) and Healer working within the traditions of Ireland. She works with individuals at her healing centre in Co. Wexford. She also teaches groups and conducts ceremonies throughout the country and internationally, work which includes Women’s Mysteries, the facilitation of Rites of Passage and sweat lodges within the Irish Tradition. She is an Ovate with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids and a member of the Fellowship of Isis. Cáit teaches internationally from USA to Russia and Australia. Cáit is a valued tutor for the Foundation for Inspirational and Oracular Studies where she has taught for many years.


‘Your powerful work is bringing the lineage alive.’- Judith Boice, poet
‘A wonderful resource for deepening one’s understanding of the personal path, while keeping clarity in home and office. I feel able to deal with whatever disturbances may arise. Thank you.’
- Margaret Johnson