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Quantum Leader
Tue 23Feb 21
Tue 23Mar 21
Virtual Event

Lead from the Emerging Future

Facilitator: Catherine G Lucas

You will leave this 6-week programme having learnt and undertaken a three-phase process. This will enable you to apply the principles of quantum leadership to your specific context and start creating the results you want in your work or your community. The process combines the principles of quantum and conscious leadership with elements of the Hero’s Journey. Catherine has been using this approach for over 15 years to shape her results.

At a Glance

During this programme Catherine will take you through a three-phase process of:

  • Clarifying your intention, so that you can step consciously into the quantum field, whether your priorities are changing, whether there is a new aspect of your work that you or your team want to co-create or whether you’re feeling called to something completely new.
  • Doing the inner work so that you can cultivate the qualities of quantum leadership and start to integrate the principles.
  • Starting to engage in the outer work within a remarkably short time frame, so that you begin to reach your intended audience and start to gather data, feedback or other information that will help you move forward. You’ll do this by carrying out a pilot or prototype.


Quantum leadership is boldly forging a new frontier in our careers and communities, as well as in the field of management. When we begin to understand and apply the principles of quantum science to how we lead, developing both our inner and outer leader, we start to co-create in the quantum field in a powerful way.

This requires much less effort and time than more conventional methods. We bring our transpersonal knowledge and experience to bear on our life projects and work. In essence, we are combining a more metaphysical approach with concrete, practical action steps to co-create the results we want in our lives, our organisations, our businesses and our communities.

This 6-week online group programme builds on Catherine’s earlier Masterclass “The Quantum Leader” (January 26). Although the Masterclass is not a pre-requisite, it is an opportunity to sample the programme, before deciding to explore this approach in more
depth with Catherine.


23rd February, 9th & 23rd March 2021 GMT

You will shortly be able to over to our Youtube channel to view our Conversations That Matter series. Our conversation with Catherine G Lucas will be available soon.

Practical Information

Please have pen and paper to hand and please also plan to have your camera on if at all possible. There will be some teaching input as well as time to reflect and process material in smaller breakout groups. We will have a short comfort break halfway through.

Catherine Lucas

Catherine G Lucas

Catherine G Lucas is the author of four books on how to move successfully through crisis and harness the transformational power it holds. A former university lecturer, Catherine left her academic career behind to step into her soul’s deeper calling following a profound crisis of awakening. She embraced her inner leader to set up a UK charity, which is still going strong 15 years later. Her seminal text In Case of Spiritual Emergency: Moving Successfully Through Your Awakening was published and she stepped up into speaking internationally.

Catherine's media appearances include BBC Radio 4 and TimeWarner TV. Most recently she has initiated the publication of an open letter, along with an accompanying petition to the UN. Her work has been described as visionary and pioneering.

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