Webinar: Energy Systems Science & Practice

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Wed 06Dec
Virtual Event

[WEBINAR] An Introductory Exploration of Energy Practices for Practice-Based Pathways to Regenerative Futures

Facilitator: Curtis Ogden

Event time: Wed 6th Dec 2023 at 5:30pm - Wed 6th Dec 2023 at 8:30pm

Everything is energy. This interactive webinar is meant to provide participants with a taste of “energy system science”, a trans-disciplinary field that focuses our attention on the movement and exchange of energy as fundamental to creating and regenerating all systems of Life; whether we are talking about individuals, groups/communities, or larger systems such as education, food, health, economy, and so on.

Participants will introduced to four core pillars of energy system science and a few related frameworks, tools and practices to “dance with systems” (Donella Meadows) in the direction of the more beautiful world we know is possible and necessary.

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Time & Date

Wednesday 6th Dec, 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm GMT

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At a Glance:

  • Introductory exploration of “energy system science and practice” for social change agents, artists, healers, organisers and weavers of all kinds
  • Focus on four core pillars: regenerative flows, balanced/resilient structures, common cause culture, collective learning
  • Experiential and embodied grounding in aligned frameworks, tools and practices
  • Invitation for participants to bring their own experiences and practices

“Energy flows are the source of all organisation on Earth.
Human and environmental ecosystems are energy-flow systems.”
- Dr. Sally J. Goerner

Participants Will Gain

  • An overview of energy system science as a transdisciplinary and applied field that invites us into seeing Life as emerging from the movement and exchange of energy
  • An opportunity to engage with a few energy system practices
  • Connections to fellow practitioners

"What is this energy which we all have? This energy is thinking, feeling; it is interest, enthusiasm, greed, passion, lust, ambition, hate. Painting pictures, inventing machines, building bridges, making roads, cultivating the fields, playing games, writing poems, singing, dancing, going to the temple, worshipping—these are all expressions of energy; and energy also creates illusion, mischief, misery. The very finest and the most destructive qualities are equally the expressions of human energy."
- Jiddu Krishnamurti

Your Facilitator: Curtis Ogden

Curtis Ogden is a Senior Associate with the Interaction Institute for Social Change (IISC), where he has been for almost two decades. Much of Curtis’ work at IISC entails coaching and consulting with multi-interestholder networks, organizations, teams and individual change agents to strengthen and transform food, public health, education, and economic systems at local, state, regional, and national levels. He writes regularly about collaborative efforts for change on IISC’s blog and on NetworkWeaver.com. In addition to his work at IISC, Curtis is an advisor to Beautiful Ventures, a fellow with the Netweaver Network, and a member of the Research Alliance for Regenerative Economics (RARE), which is connected to the Planetary Health Lab at Edinburgh University. He lives on what are traditional Nonatuc lands in western Massachusetts (US) with his wife, three teenage daughters, ten laying hens and a lionhead rabbit. Curtis grew up in Flint, Michigan and has degrees from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) and Harvard Divinity School.


“I have known Curtis in a variety of capacities since 2012 and I can’t recommend his work highly enough. I have been his student, his client, his peer, and one of his biggest fans. He is one of the mostly deeply committed, values-true, experienced, and skilled individuals I have known throughout my 30+ year career. Whether as a teacher, process/event designer, host/facilitator, thought partner, strategist, or trusted advisor, Curtis leads with care, grace, and integrity. Ultimately working with Curtis will yield substantial results and, even if they are occasionally different than the ones you thought you were aiming for, they will be the ones you need. And you are sure to learn things along the way!”

-Lisa M Fernandes, Food Solutions New England former Communications Director

“[Curtis] designed, chaired, trained and facilitated the workshops, lectures and seminars, on “Leadership and Systems.” He presented such insightful and in-depth perspectives and analysis in a meticulous yet simplistic manner. He created, used and empowered us – the participants – to create scenarios and explore personal cases in ways that deconstructed their complexities. Curtis’ detailed, pragmatic and inclusive approach was an artistic balance of running the sessions on time while creating the environment for every participant to be heard and meditate on others points of view. I was impressed with the manner Curtis used traditional tools and props in unique ways to convey, determine and inspire. He made it possible to tap into ones best aspirations as a leader.”

– Jr Neville Songwe, Professor of Industrial Design + Design Researcher + Author

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This webinar is being brought to you through gift economy – you can give what you feel inspired to gift and what you feel you can give rather than what you feel you “should” gift. Please register to confirm your attendance and to receive the Zoom link.

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Energy & Flow

Energy as Flow

A framework for changemakers

Every-thing is energy. Energy systems science uses the ancient observation that all living systems are “flow-networks”; organisms and super-organisms whose existence arises from and depends on the circulation of energy, including resources, money, nutrients, human capacities, information and so on, throughout the entirety of their being. Where most people associate the term energy with various forms of fuel, or more mystical notions of vital forces, here it refers to any kind of flow that is critical to the system under consideration. Growing numbers of people are aware of these energetic patterns and movements and how crucial they are to health, vitality and regeneration. What they may lack is a framework, language, and aligned practices to effectively engage the world within and around them. In this webinar, we will introduce four pillars of energy system science that can help change agents, artists, healers and network weavers of all kinds see and work with/in systems in ways that might support their health-promoting potential.

“Seeing energy flows so that we can engage with them in positive ways is not some mystical, esoteric art, but the role of engaged human beings.”
- Joel Glanzberg, Permaculturist & Sustainable Builder