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21 Dec

Spiritual Chanting 2

The Heart Circle is a unique combination of singing, spiritual blessing and meditation that brings positive energy and peace in your heart and mind. We use spiritual chanting, or ‘kiirtan’, an ancient yoga practice, designed to awaken a feeling of…

08 Jun
Event Postponed

Our Primate Family Tree

Facilitators: Ian Redmond, online

Come and listen to a leading animal expert and campaigner. Ian Redmond introduced Sir David Attenborough to the gorillas in 1978 and has worked tirelessly on their behalf since then.

21 Sep

Live Concert: Mélodie [online]

Flute and Piano

Facilitator: Elisabeth Hobbs & John Alley

Join Elisabeth Parry and John Alley for a livestream concert of music for flute and piano. Exploring the relationship between voice and flute, the duo will perform their own arrangements of songs and arias by Bach, Fauré, Strauss and Berg.…

15 Oct

RSA Talk: The Good Ancestor [online]

How to think long-term in a short-term world

Facilitator: Roman Krznaric

Come and listen to a leading philosopher and best selling author who is always entertaining and engaging. His newly published book “The Good Ancestor” argues that the greatest challenge we face is not climate change, extreme inequality or terrorism: it…

19 Nov

Sustainable Living: Plastic with Chloe Turner [online]

An Eco Series: Session 1

Facilitators: Chloe Turner, Stroud District Action on Plastic

As a Centre for Future Thinking with an awareness of wellbeing, we felt it was only right that we put together a programme to inspire sustainable living in the home this winter. Amongst immense pressure, change, uncertainty and chaos, we…

16 Dec

Astrology Talk Live [online]

Session on the Stars

Facilitator: Mark Graham

Astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity. – C.G. Jung For 5000 years astrologers have been observing the night sky, seeking correlations between the movement of the stars and planets and life on Earth.  Today Astrology…

05 - 03 Apr
How to Change the World
Event Postponed

Speak to Change the World Virtual Event

Change the world through public speaking

Facilitator: John Paul Flintoff

If you had the chance, would you change the world? Of course you would. But how? You may want to stop something bad, or start something wonderful. Either way, to have real impact you need to share it, speak about…

20 Apr

Music Declares Emergency with Soumik Datta & Sam Lee Virtual Event

Turn up the Volume

Join Soumik Datta and Sam Lee as part of Turn up the volume, a week of action and events from Music Declares Emergency, uniting the music industry around climate issues and speaking out together. This event will be delivered via…

22 Apr

Sing For Earth Day 2021 Virtual Event

A Celebratory Earth Day

Facilitators: Claire Dubois, Carrie Tree, Jojo Mehta, Liz Terry, Skeena Rathor & more

Join us for this online creative and celebratory event on Earth Day raising awareness for The Earth Protector Communities. And in support of Tree Sisters. Featuring an incredible constellation of Guest Speakers and Guest Artists. Our presenters will be contributing…

23 Jun
Alabaster dePlume
Event Postponed

Music That Matters with Alabaster dePlume: A YouTube Premiere Virtual Event

Music That Matters Series: A YouTube Premiere

Facilitators: Alabaster dePlume, Alicia Carey & Matthew Shaw

[EVENT POSTPONED: Date Coming Soon] Join us for a #MusicThatMatters YouTube Premiere featuring singer, songwriter and saxophonist Alabaster DePlume, well known for bringing theatrical spoken word to music audiences. This film released exclusively on Youtube will explore the topics of…

24 Jun

Archetypal Wisdom: Acting in our Desired Futures Virtual Event

Archetypal Wisdom for Transitional Times

Facilitator: Richard Olivier

Archetypal Wisdom Archetypes are underlying patterns in human nature and culture. Every civilisation identifies  its own Archetypes and lives with them and by them, until they get staid, stale or unsustainable. Times of great transition call for a change in…

27 Jul

Music That Matters with Emma Warren: A YouTube Premiere Virtual Event

Music That Matters Series: A YouTube Premiere

Facilitator: Emma Warren & Matthew Shaw

Join us for a Hawkwood YouTube Premiere Event featuring journalist, and radio presenter author Emma Warren.

09 - 12 Sep

Animal Communication – Level Two

Animal Communication - Level Two

Facilitator: Jacqueline Buckingham

This  workshop is for you if you have previously studied in this field and feel comfortable with the basic elements. This is an exciting opportunity to learn new techniques & release blocks. Deepen your telepathic communication skills through supported practice…

23 Sep

Beyond Solastalgia

Finding the Language to Re-imagine our Future

Facilitator: Peter Moseley

In Association with Stroud Film Festival. Premier screening of a wide-ranging documentary on climate emergency, including its historical and social context and interviews with leading activists including Polly Higgins, Jonathon Porritt and Caroline Lucas. Come to the first in-person screening…

29 Sep

Frontline Folklore Film Screening with Ben Edge

A journey through the Ritual Year with Ben Edge & Bridget Christie in collaboration with Stroud Film Festival

Facilitator: Ben Edge

Join the artist Ben Edge on a journey through the ritual year, in which he visits, documents and interviews the participants of twenty of the most remarkable seasonal folk customs, rituals and ceremonies that are still taking place in the…

01 - 22 Oct

Art of Adornment Virtual Event

An exploration of Feminine Artistry in Motion

Facilitator: Kerry Wilde

Art of Adornment Can clothing be the vehicle to feel good? How would it feel to arrive at a sense of inner beauty and allow that to be experienced through the way we dress? This art of adornment course will…

12 Jan
Regenerative Arts
Places Left

Conversation that Matters with Daniel Christian Wahl, Bridget McKenzie, Justin Hopper & Lisa Shaw Virtual Event

Conversations that Matter

Facilitators: Daniel Christian Wahl, Justin Hopper, Lisa Shaw & Bridget McKenzie

Starting 2022 with curiosity, warmth and realness – here is a Conversation that Matters not to be missed. We need fine artists, poets, play-writers and musicians, we need applied practitioners, cultural creators and deeper listeners to give voice and local expression…

24 Jan

Listening Across Profound Difference

A community event

Facilitator: Katherine Long

How do we listen across profound difference? Stand in the shoes of people who seem ‘on the other side’? Whether as leaders, change practitioners, citizens activists, how do we rise to the challenge of deep, empathic listening at such a…

10 Mar

The Filmmaker’s House

Screening and Q&A with Film Director

Facilitator: Marc Isaacs

An independent film by Marc Isaacs from London’s acclaimed Verve Pictures. It challenges prejudice, subverts expectations and asks questions about the nature of filmmaking itself. The evening includes Q&A with Marc Isaacs.  

20 May
20-2201 Public Talk William Meader 2
Event Cancelled

Revelation: Public Talk with William Meader

Holding the Mind Steady in the Light

Facilitator: William Meader

The first evening of teaching on his course “Spirit of Restoration“.

23 Sep

A Storytelling Evening: The Cult of Water

Story, Ritual & Myth

Facilitator: David Bramwell

The cult of Water is David Bramwell’s candle-lit dream-like journey in search of the secrets of our waterways, unearthing the stories, histories, rituals and myths that surround our rivers.