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25 Nov

Awakening the Sage Within [online]

Exploring the work "From Age-ing to Sage-ing": A Live Talk

Facilitator: Felice Rhiannon in partnership with Sage-ing International

Life expectancy in the UK has increased to over 80 years. This gives us a remarkable opportunity to live long, full, meaningful lives. This opportunity has never existed before. We have been given the gift of changing the paradigm of…

01 Dec

Conversations that Matter with Catherine Lucas [online]

Leading from the Emerging Future

Facilitator: Catherine G Lucas

The Rebirth of People & Planet in a Time of Global Emergency Join us for this one-hour online Conversation That Matters as Catherine brings her personal insight into the process of awakening through crisis to shed light on our current…

08 Dec

Conversations that Matter with Stephen Moss & Gail Simmons [online]

Nature & Travel Writing

Facilitator: Stephen Moss & Gail Simmons

Connecting with nature and place is central to our existence as human beings, and the current crisis has brought the importance of this – especially the wildlife and places on your doorstep – to the fore. This talk will be…

10 Dec

Conversations that Matter with Tessa Harris [online]

A novel approach to history - Book Launch

Facilitator: Tessa Harris

Historical fiction used to be the poor relation of the literary world. Variously pigeon-holed as “bodice rippers” and “penny dreadfuls”,  historical novels were at best disregarded by the literati and at worst derided scornfully. In the last decade, however, all…

16 Dec

Astrology Talk Live [online]

Session on the Stars

Facilitator: Mark Graham

Astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity. – C.G. Jung For 5000 years astrologers have been observing the night sky, seeking correlations between the movement of the stars and planets and life on Earth.  Today Astrology…

20 Jan

Coherent Self, Coherent World: A Live Talk [online]

Book Launch

Facilitator: Diana Durham

This live online talk comprises a series of simple thought experiments looking through the windows of myth and archetype, Tibetan Buddhist thought and physicist David Bohm’s theory of the Implicate Order, to show how we can draw on our inner…

03 Feb

Conversations that Matter with Charles Eisenstein [online]

World on Fire

Facilitator: Charles Eisenstein

The wildfires that have devastated five continents in the past year are inseparable from a much larger conflagration – that engulfing human society. Is it any wonder that a human world of blazing hatred, smouldering resentment, heated debates, and inflammatory…

17 Mar

Conversations that Matter with Olivier Mythodrama [online]

Ancient Tales Lived Now

Join us for this one-hour online Conversation that Matters with practitioners and facilitators of Olivier Mythodrama as we explore how the ancient and powerful old tales and original myths can enable us to transform the living beating story of our experience. This talk…