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Immerse yourself in the Hawkwood experience on one of our residential courses, or simply join us for a day. We have a huge range of creative and inspiring courses: focus on movement and creativity with yoga or an art workshop, get involved with social change, reconnect with nature, or join us for a poetry, storytelling, classical music, woodwork, blacksmithing or embroidery course.

We offer a unique mix of vibrant and stimulating courses, often not found elsewhere.

Either browse our full list of courses, talks and events or select from a specific area of interest. You can also use the search bar option or take a look at our calendar which highlights all activities at Hawkwood month by month.

03 - 05 May

Art of Woodblock Printmaking

Facilitator: Rod Nelson

The Woodblock printmaking course is designed for all levels of experience and ability, from complete beginners to experienced print makers. The course will cover all necessary techniques to make a two-colour print up to A4 size, and will include all…

03 - 05 May

CANCELLED. Sacred Earth

Co-creating with the natural world

Facilitator: Tanis Helliwell

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Thank you to those of you who expressed interest in this event. If you register your interest using the form below, we will let you know if we re-advertise or re-programme the event in the…

03 - 05 May

Writing from Earth’s Landscapes

For changemakers, creatives, and seekers

Facilitator: Mary Reynolds Thompson

This journey roots our story in five Earth archetypes. In writing from these ancestral landscapes, our personal search for meaning becomes part of the dream of the Earth, gaining a fierce potency that awakens us to our deeper meaning and purpose. The deserts,…

03 May

CANCELLED. Ancestors in our Lives Today

Talk, book launch and book signing

Facilitator: Tanis Helliwell

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Thank you to those of you who expressed interest in this event. If you register your interest using the form below, we will let you know if we re-advertise or re-programme the event in the…

06 May

May Day Festival

Hawkwood's Open Day

Come and celebrate the arrival of spring with us at our annual May Day celebration on Monday 6th May! A free day for our local community where you can try our taster workshops and enjoy music all day long! Free…

12 - 14 May

Our Fragile Environment

Textile workshop

Facilitator: Ruth Issett & Dorothy Tucker

Take a closer look at the green world around us. Discover unexpected detail through focusing on leaves: the structure of veins, surface textures, cellular structures, evidence of disease or the presence of little creatures. To create unique small works of…

18 May

Awaken the Self

A day of of deep inner connection

Facilitator: Caroline Bliss

This work begins with you; the person or character that you take yourself to be. In fully exploring your story without judgement; your experiences, beliefs, fears and undigested emotions, you are able to come to a profound understanding of the root of…

19 May

Nature Writing

Connect with the natural world

Facilitator: Stephen Moss

Nature writing is not only one of the most popular literary genres, it is also a great way to connect with the natural world. Join naturalist, author and academic Stephen Moss for a day inspired by nature, and learn how…

23 - 24 May

Ethics of Belief

Truth can survive if we rise to support it

Facilitator: Howard Boorman & Jeff Lane

When political leaders routinely distort the truth, the internet is awash with misinformation and people express crazy beliefs, we can feel powerless. Or we can influence the world around us to be saner. Through discussion and activities, define your ethics…

23 May

Exploring the Ethics of Truth and Influence

Public Talk

Facilitator: Howard Boorman & Jeff Lane

In a post-truth world, what can we do to keep truth alive? What is truth? What are our responsibilities with regard to truth and to the people around us and to our community? How should we seek to appropriately influence…

24 - 26 May

The Silent Watcher

Esoteric Philosophy

Facilitator: William Meader

This is a seminar designed to help participants better understand their soul’s intention through a deeper recognition of the source of that purpose—the Silent Watcher hidden deep within.   It involves both an exploration into various distortions within the lower-self (personality)…

24 May

Journey to Enlightenment

Public Talk with William Meader

Over the vastness of time there are believed to be three phases of human evolution that lead us to the gate of enlightenment—Individualisation, Initiation and Identification.  In this talk, William Meader will take us on a journey through these stages…

25 - 26 May

Fragmentation & Cohesion

Art & the Body-Mind

Facilitator: Paul King & Helen Garrett

Many of us are experiencing stress or a sense of fragmentation as attempts are made to fulfil the many roles and expectations of daily living. Drawing inspiration from some Cubist ideas, Picasso and Braque in particular, along with somatic awareness…

28 - 30 May
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Deep Collaboration

Transforming our world without recreating the past

Facilitator: Miki Kashtan

An intensive seminar for change makers, activists, and influencers  “Imagine a future world in which we all value people and life and participate in the flow of generosity. A world where sharing our gifts and the mundane tasks of life…

31 - 02 May

Mindfulness for Runners


Facilitator: Stuart McLeod & Cesare Saguato

Bringing mindful awareness to our experience can help us move beyond engaging with the world on autopilot as we learn to meet the present moment with openness, joy and curiosity. Running in its purest sense is a fully integrated body-mind…