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Immerse yourself in the Hawkwood experience on one of our residential courses, or simply join us for a day. We have a huge range of creative and inspiring courses: focus on movement and creativity with yoga or an art workshop, get involved with social change, reconnect with nature, or join us for a poetry, storytelling, classical music, woodwork, blacksmithing or embroidery course.

We offer a unique mix of vibrant and stimulating courses, often not found elsewhere.

Either browse our full list of courses, talks and events or select from a specific area of interest. You can also use the search bar option or take a look at our calendar which highlights all activities at Hawkwood month by month.

We are open and have implemented a Safety Protocol in order to welcome you to a secure venue following recommended government guidelines (COVID Risk Assessment).

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15 - 18 Jul

The Art of the Healing Voice in Celtic Shamanism

Facilitator: Cáit Branigan & Caitlín Matthews

Explore the use of the voice in shamanic practice, using toning and keening to access our inner worlds. Chanting can also heal and unblock our energetic bodies. Much of work is based upon the three musical strains or modes of…

17 Jul

Summer Blacksmithing Workshop

Summer at the Forge

Facilitator: Arian Leljak

During the Blacksmithing Workshop day, you will have the opportunity to learn and experience the ancient elements of forge work. Fire use and maintenance, heating the steel to around 1000 C, and hammering it on an anvil to produce graceful…

18 Jul
Blacksmithing Day
Fully Booked

Summer Blacksmithing Workshop

Summer at the Forge - June Workshop

Facilitator: Arian Leljak

During the Summer Blacksmithing Workshop, you will spend the day learning the ancient elements of forge work. Fire use and maintenance, heating the steel to around 1000 C, and hammering it on an anvil to produce graceful and long lasting…

23 - 01 Jul

Gong Master Training Course 2021

Facilitator: Aidan McIntyre

This year’s training will be led by Aidan McIntyre supported digitally by Don Conreaux, alongside the help of guest teachers Tabla Tom Simenauer, Rolf Nitsch, Sophie Sterckx, Charlie Merton, Kevin Goulding and Tim Byford. It will be the road to…

27 Jul

Music That Matters with Emma Warren: A YouTube Premiere
Virtual Event

Music That Matters Series: A YouTube Premiere

Facilitator: Emma Warren & Matthew Shaw

Join us for a Hawkwood YouTube Premiere Event featuring journalist, and radio presenter author Emma Warren.

29 Jul

Birds and Words
Virtual Event

Birds through time, history and culture

Facilitator: Stephen Moss

What have birds ever done for us? For millennia, we exploited them for food, created myths and legends around them, and hunted them for ‘sport’. Gradually, though, our relationship with birds changed: we protected them, saved the places where they…

29 Jul

Free Archetypes Introduction Workshop
Virtual Event

Facilitator: Olivier Mythodrama

As a prelude to September’s Archetypes at Work™ Online Immersion, Richard Olivier presents an Introduction to the Archetypes. Find out why they are important and how understanding them can support you on both a personal and professional level during these…

31 Jul
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Deep Ecology: Lughnasadh

First Fruits

Facilitator: Jenni Horsfall & Mark Graham

Using experiential practices, ritual, and myth Jennifer and Mark will show how the principles of deep ecology can be aligned to our personal journey of growth and self-discovery. Understanding human consciousness as a component of the ecological process, we will…