Upcoming Courses & Events

Immerse yourself in the Hawkwood experience on one of our residential courses, or simply join us for a day. We have a huge range of creative and inspiring courses: focus on movement and creativity with yoga or an art workshop, get involved with social change, reconnect with nature, or join us for a poetry, storytelling, classical music, woodwork, blacksmithing or embroidery course.

We offer a unique mix of vibrant and stimulating courses, often not found elsewhere.

Either browse our full list of courses, talks and events or select from a specific area of interest. You can also use the search bar option or take a look at our calendar which highlights all activities at Hawkwood month by month.

Lifelines: Midwinter Drawing Retreat

Facilitator: Morag Donnelly
Lifelines is a sacred, sensitive art practice that weaves together movement and drawing. It provides a space for opening our senses and becoming more present with ourselves, our materials and each other. In the depths of winter, together we will…

Weaving the Line: Vessel and Form

Facilitator: Gizella K Warburton
During this course we will be considering the line through observations, mark making and interpretation. Using these start points we will explore linear and spatial relationships, and different ways of introducing “content” and detail with fibres and yarns. This course…

Indigo Dyeing & Japanese Shibori

Facilitator: Zara Emily Shepherd
Learn all about the natural plant dye Indigo, and how it is used in the traditional Japanese tie and dye technique, Shibori. Experiment with stitching, wrapping and clamping to resist the dye and create dots, lines and graphic patterns on…

Indian Block Printing

Facilitator: Clare Walsh
Join Clare for a day of block printing exploration using hand-carved Indian wooden blocks. Using a selection of hand-carved blocks you will print onto a variety of surfaces, creating your own design on a tea towel or bag. A relaxing…

Introduction to Pattern Cutting

Facilitator: Jamilla Ives
Are you ready to take your clothes-making to the next level? In this Introduction to Pattern Cutting for beginners course you will learn the basics of pattern cutting. This is an opportunity to learn key skills make your own clothes;…

Loom Woven Cushion Cover

Facilitator: Angie Parker
Under the guidance of professional weaver, designer, and colour lover, Angie Parker, you will weave a cushion panel on a four-shaft table loom. Once you have designed the cloth for your cushion you can enjoy the process and therapeutic benefits…

Loom Weaving Retreat

Facilitator: Angie Parker
Join us for an enjoyable and educational workshop led by professional weaver Angie Parker. You’ll receive expert guidance on how to set up a multi-shaft table loom and learn the techniques of plain weave and twill. At the end of…

The Meditative Value of Painting

Facilitator: Christina Sadler
A painting day course! The act of making art is therapeutic, it allows our minds to wander into a meditative state. This one-day workshop will quiet the mind to access the flow and freedom that happens when you are truly…

Sketchbooking Your Environment

Facilitator: Emma Leyfield
Many of us aspire to keep a regular sketchbook, journal or diary, but it’s deceptively hard to get started, let alone stick to it. This workshop is an opportunity to put you blank-page nerves aside and go out painting in…

Painting and Alchemy

Facilitator: Marius von Brasch
This course introduces you to both the intriguing symbolism of Renaissance alchemical imagery and how to make paintings or drawings in response to what the pictures, motifs and colours trigger in us as individuals. It invites the participants to actively…

Japanese Embroidery

Facilitator: Jackie Hall
This unique art form originated in Buddhist temples and is used for the elaborate decoration of Kimonos. This rarely taught skill has been based at Hawkwood for over twenty years.  Using traditional methods and techniques you will produce truly stunning…