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Fri 13Sep
Sun 15Sep

Do you want to be happier?

Do you feel overwhelmed facing the challenges of our time?

Then connect in creative community at Network of Wellbeing’s second Building Wellbeing Together weekend!

Held at beautiful Hawkwood in Stroud, UK, we’ll map how to build a future of wellbeing for individuals, communities and our natural world.

Event time: Fri 13th Sep at 4:00pm - Sun 15th Sep at 5:00pm

"Stimulating and supportive! Excellent teachings! An absolute must and highlight of my year!"

– Neal Davies

“Hard to comment on so much excellence other than to express gratitude. Excellent range of thinking, talking, action-based sessions – all relevant and interesting. A LOT of wisdom in the room! Especially enjoyed events exploring cooperation, systems and shared learning. Hawkwood presents a homely, cheerful and welcoming embrace that’s a joy to experience.”

“All speakers were passionate, energising and knowledgeable. Excellent and inspiring – gave plenty to think about. Lots of great connections!”

“An absolute highlight of my year. It was stimulating and supportive with excellent teachings.”

*Saturday only day tickets also available. Friday evening talk with Satish Kumar can also be purchased individually. 

With engaging workshops and embodied activities, our joyful gathering features three captivating keynote speakers:

Alongside these inspirational speakers, we’ve got an exciting lineup of workshop leaders, including:

Enjoy nature walks in breathtaking grounds, mindfulness, and nourishing cuisine. We’ve got all the ingredients for another delightful weekend.

You will:

  • Learn the latest thinking on personal wellbeing and its links to community action and social change
  • Connect with leading people in the wellbeing movement
  • Feel invigorated and renew your sense of purpose

Tickets cost £205 to £325 per person, depending on accommodation.

Come to Building Wellbeing Together and be the change you want to see!

Price Options

£325 Res Single
£280 Res Shared
£215 Camping
£205 Non-Residential
£120 Sat Day Ticket


53 available
Unlimited available
Sat Only£120.00
Fri 13Sep
Sun 15Sep

Healing For The World

Facilitator: Chris Taylor

The world is crying out for healing. Divisions between peoples and a schism between humanity and the living planet are causing untold damage. Yet we intuitively know the More Beautiful World we are capable of. In this workshop, we will call to life a unique and vibrant ceremony to support Earth healing. In doing so we’ll learn together how to help restore the world to health and balance.

Event time: Fri 13th Sep at 4:00pm - Sun 15th Sep at 5:00pm

“I am renewed, refocused and inspired - I’ve remembered who I am and why I am. Your words are beautiful and soulful.”

“Fantastic, inspirational workshop. Essential for all activists, change-makers, dreamers and anyone who cares about creating a more beautiful world.”

“I finally know what I am here for. Thank you – so happy to be part of the Movement of All Movements.”

At a glance

  • Learn at first hand how ceremony can bring healing to your life and to the world
  • Find your unique role as both participant and co-creator
  • Be part of the wave of change for healing, reconciliation, and renewal.

What participants will gain

  • Understand the guiding laws of ceremony
  • Learn about the role of ceremony during the age of collapse and Deep Adaptation
  • Gain a renewed energy for life.

The modern world is crying out for healing. Separations forged in the era of colonialism and conquest have divided us for centuries now. The intricate interdependence between humanity and the Earth has been wrought asunder. And in the process, we have planted the roots of a spiritual crisis that risks separating us from our innate wisdom and purpose. These wounds have caused untold damage across the world and are keeping humankind from realising our true and highest potential.

Until these wounds heal, humanity will continue to harm itself and the natural living world. Bringing self, other and the whole back into a grounded and reverential connection will create the unity that is needed to restore the Earth to its abundant, verdant fullness.

In this one-day workshop, we will explore how ceremony can help to support healing for the world. We’ll work through the Laws governing ceremony, the phases and components of ceremony and its sacred purposes.

Working together we will conjure a collaborative ceremony that transcends models of religion which are themselves shaped by The Story of Separation. In the new paradigm, we are all Divine, we are all participants in the sacred work of healing and renewal. By collectively co-creating ceremony we can bring power and unity to our time together and build the unity of thought and deed needed for lasting change. In this way, we initiate ourselves as sacred activists engaged in bringing peace and balance to a troubled world.

Price Options

£325 Res Single
£280 Res Shared
£215 Camping
£205 Non-Residential
£120 Sat Day Ticket


15 available

Practical Information

Participants are encouraged to bring with them an object that is closely related to the place where they live (or come from) and which can serve to represent their intent to care for and protect the living planet.

Price includes materials, delicious two-course lunch, and refreshments.

Registration from 9.00am-9:30am.

Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor is a facilitator, poet, and tai chi practitioner. His life’s work is to support a generation of conscious, grounded and engaged change-makers ready to guide humanity through the coming crisis and transition. He has been active in the movement for Global Transformation for four decades, training activists, facilitating community transformation and studying the dynamics of global movements.

Describing his role as that of Mystic Revolutionary, Chris is dedicated to a universal spirituality that transcends religious and cultural boundaries seeing each and every one of us as a sacred soul connected inseparably with the spirit that imbues all reality. His interest is in creating transformative processes of ceremony which are grounded in time and place.

Chris lives at Canon Frome Court, a 40 acre organic farm and intentional community in Herefordshire. Here he is learning the arts of orchard care, organic food production and large-scale composting. Life in community is also providing him with an abundance of learning around intensive collaborative approaches to human living.