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Immerse yourself in the Hawkwood experience on one of our residential courses, or simply join us for a day. We have a huge range of creative and inspiring courses: focus on movement and creativity with yoga or an art workshop, get involved with social change, reconnect with nature, or join us for a poetry, storytelling, classical music, woodwork, blacksmithing or embroidery course.

We offer a unique mix of vibrant and stimulating courses, often not found elsewhere.

Either browse our full list of courses, talks and events or select from a specific area of interest. You can also use the search bar option or take a look at our calendar which highlights all activities at Hawkwood month by month.

Positive Ageing

Facilitator: Miriam Akhtar
Ageing gets a bad press, portrayed as being downhill all the way, a decline into decrepitude. However, the reality is much more optimistic. Contrary to expectations happiness goes up after fifty rather than down and there are other gains like…

Contemporary Embroidery

Facilitator: Elnaz Yazdani
This contemporary embroidery course spans three days and consists of supported tutor time and guidance by Leeds based Embroidery Artist and Educator, Elnaz Yazdani. Elnaz will guide you through a variety of hand embroidery techniques, applications and creative methods to…

Indian Block Printing

Facilitator: Clare Walsh
Join Clare for a day of block printing exploration using hand-carved Indian wooden blocks. Using a selection of hand-carved blocks you will print onto a variety of surfaces, creating your own design on a tea towel or bag. A relaxing…

RSA Event: Climate, Psychology, and Change Book Launch

Facilitator: Steffi Bednarek, Trudi Macagnino, Rebecca Nestor, Chris Robertson & Tree Staunton
This book launch will be a celebration of Climate, Psychology, and Change which reckons with the ways power, colonialism, capitalism and our innocent seeming familiar perceptions impact our myriad crises – while shaping Western psychology as we know it. Editor and…

Tending the Hearth

Facilitator: Caít Branigan & Caitlín Matthews
The ancient tradition of house-clearing in Ireland and Britain holds a strong place in the spiritual practices of both lands. We will be using shamanic journey, meditation, and practical exercises to explore the core elements of house-clearing.  By focusing on…

Intro to Permaculture

Facilitator: Emily Howgate & Shila Fletcher
This is a great place to start your permaculture journey! Drawing on the beautiful surroundings of Hawkwood and using an engaging and accessible range of learning techniques, you will gain a good understanding of the numerous benefits, and enormous potential,…

Hawkwood Huddle

Facilitator: Penny Gundry & Jo Weatherall
If you’re looking to join a networking group with fellow business people then we’d love to welcome you to join us for a monthly Hawkwood Huddle. Join us for this new, monthly networking group held at Hawkwood. Connect, share ideas…

Summer Rest and Restore Retreat

Facilitator: Mel Skinner
This retreat is designed to help you find the ability to rest, restore, and reflect using yoga practices and outdoor nature-based meditations as tools to reconnect with ourselves and with the land around us. These techniques invite us to find…

Gong Master Training

Facilitator: Don Conreaux & Aidan McIntyre
Gong Master Training is an immersion in the art and science of resonant sound as devised by world renowned Grand Gong Master and innovator Don Conreaux and Gong Master Aidan McIntyre. You will be guided on a road to Mastery…

Deep Ecology: Lughnasadh

Facilitator: Jennifer Horsfall & Mark Graham
Using experiential practices, ritual, and myth Jennifer and Mark will show how the principles of deep ecology can be aligned to our personal journey of growth and self-discovery. Understanding human consciousness as a component of the ecological process, we will…

Choral Weekend with Gavin Carr

Facilitator: Gavin Carr
Join celebrated choral maestro Gavin Carr to explore one of Haydn’s most beautiful and fascinating works, his ‘Mass in Time of War’ (‘Messe in tempore belli’, also known as the ‘Paukenmesse’). With its famous Agnus Dei reflecting the anxieties of…

Rest and Restore Retreat Day

Facilitator: Mel Skinner
Take a break from the treadmill of modern day life, and give yourself the gift of rest and relaxation on this retreat day with experienced yoga teacher Mel Skinner. Expect deeply restful restorative yoga and yoga nidra, inspiring and heart-warming…

Finding Quiet Strength

Facilitator: Judith Kleinman
This course will cover the skills of Finding Quiet Strength, working with mindful poise, thought and movement. The course is suitable for anyone exploring these ideas for the first time, alongside people who have been before. We will be developing…

A Fíos Masterclass in Qabalah & Meditation

Facilitator: Ian Rees and Caitlin Matthews
Qabalah is a development of the Western Mysteries, with the Tree of Life at its heart. The Tree of Life unites opposites, deepens the web of connection, and irrigates the soul and the world.  By exploring the Egyptian prayer and…

Classical Guitar Masterclass

Facilitator: Craig Ogden
A masterclass opportunity to study with one of the best classical guitarists of our generation. This enjoyable, intense weekend study course is suitable for experienced players and advanced students with a minimum skill level of Grade 6 guitar. There will…

The How of Happiness

Facilitator: Miriam Akhtar
An uplifting and inspiring journey into positive psychology and what it takes to feel good, function well and flourish. The weekend will equip you with a range of practical tools to grow your happiness. You will come away with your…

Classical Guitar Concert with Craig Ogden

Facilitator: Craig Ogden
This Friday night recital will include music by Aguado, Rodrigo, Albeniz, Villa-Lobos and Bach. It will be a varied programme of key works from the guitar repertoire.

Classical Guitar Course Showcase Concert

Facilitator: Craig Ogden
Immerse yourself in an enchanting evening of classical guitar mastery! Join us for the culmination of Craig Ogden’s Guitar Masterclass, where participants showcase the extraordinary skills they’ve cultivated. This showcase concert is your exclusive opportunity to witness the brilliant fruits…

Rest and Restore Retreat

Facilitator: Mel Skinner
Prepare to move from summer to autumn with deeply restful yoga and nature-based meditations and activities to help you connect with your surroundings, as well as your body. From restorative yoga to remove the effects of high stress, and gentle…

Japanese Embroidery

Facilitator: Jackie Hall
This unique art form originated in Buddhist temples and is used for the elaborate decoration of Kimonos. This rarely taught skill has been based at Hawkwood for over twenty years.  Using traditional methods and techniques you will produce truly stunning…

Willow Foraging Basket

Facilitator: Amy Cox
Learn the basics of this ancient craft and leave with your very own traditional foraging basket. You will be using local willow, in a range of colours, and foraged bramble to make a small frame basket – perfect for harvesting…

Relaxing Through Abstracts

Facilitator: Christina Sadler
The act of making art is therapeutic, it can quiet the mind and allow you to focus on the present. When this happens and you are truly immersed in the moment of creating you can relax and allow the flow…

Printing with Leaves

Facilitator: Clare Walsh
A day exploring colour and textures, printing with natural leaves and grasses. You will learn the process of sublimation printing using the heat press to create beautiful and unique botanical designs. An opportunity to appreciate the beauty in autumnal foliage.

Forest Bathing

Facilitator: Dee Aebischer
Come and join Dee Aebischer, a qualified guide with the UK Forest Bathing Institute, who holds a Masters & PhD in Forest Science, as she leads you on a journey of discovery through the art of Forest Bathing (also known…

Futures Literacy: The Emergence Academy

Facilitator: UNESCO Chair Loes Damhof & Artist Alex Lambie
As times feel more uncertain, we often respond too fast to urgency, regularly resulting in yet more of the same. To uncover and discover new genuine pathways we need new regenerative leadership. In this three-day course, inspired by the beautiful Cotswolds…

Songwriting Retreat

Facilitator: Dan Whitehouse & Katie Whitehouse
Gather round a metaphorical ‘songwriting campfire’ led by renowned, award-winning singer-songwriter and composer, Dan Whitehouse, along with artist mentor Katie Whitehouse. This unique experience offers a modern, soulful journey to unlock your creative potential, drawing inspiration from Dan’s illustrious career…

A Wild Soul Woman

Facilitator: Mary Reynolds Thompson
It’s time to embody and express from your wild soul – the part of you that knows you are one with deserts, forests, rivers, mountains, and meadows.  To break free of the fears and cages that hold you back. To…

Just Imagine If

Facilitator: Sarah Cowley - Master Systemic Team Coach, with Expert Speakers from across the NHS
Join a group of cross-sector experts to re-imagine healthcare and what we need to develop the best health and health care system in the world. Come away with new thinking and ways forward. Just Imagine If… will consist of an…

With Angels and Archangels

Facilitator: David Goddard
This course is dedicated to experiencing spiritual guides. We will use sacred ceremony to elevate consciousness so that we can perceive these angels. You will learn which guides may be called upon to deal with specific issues, be they: health,…

Ruth White Yoga Retreat

Facilitator: Ruth White
It’s all about where your attention is, not your ability. Through the practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation; moving further into the peace and quiet of the mind. Let us work together on our so-called problems and release any anxiety…