Future Thinking

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20 - 26 Apr

Climate Change & Consciousness Livestream

Findhorn CCC19 conference

Facilitator: Katie Lloyd-Nunn

Findhorn’s conference Climate Change and Consciousness brings together eminent scientists, wisdom keepers, business people, activists, artists, entrepreneurs, young people, and others, to envision and begin to inhabit our joint future. Hawkwood will be hosting live streaming of plenary sessions, workshops,…

25 Apr

Message from Polly

Live at Hawkwood – Findhorn CCC19 Conference

Facilitator: Polly Higgins

Polly Higgins invites you to join her at Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking while she films a short talk about her work to “Stop Ecocide: change the law.” She urges us Love the Earth, Protect the Earth, Make It a Crime…

03 - 05 May

Writing from Earth’s Landscapes

For changemakers, creatives, and seekers

Facilitator: Mary Reynolds Thompson

This journey roots our story in five Earth archetypes. In writing from these ancestral landscapes, our personal search for meaning becomes part of the dream of the Earth, gaining a fierce potency that awakens us to our deeper meaning and purpose. The deserts,…

23 - 24 May

Ethics of Belief

Truth can survive if we rise to support it

Facilitator: Howard Boorman & Jeff Lane

When political leaders routinely distort the truth, the internet is awash with misinformation and people express crazy beliefs, we can feel powerless. Or we can influence the world around us to be saner. Through discussion and activities, define your ethics…

23 May

Exploring the Ethics of Truth and Influence

Public Talk

Facilitator: Howard Boorman & Jeff Lane

In a post-truth world, what can we do to keep truth alive? What is truth? What are our responsibilities with regard to truth and to the people around us and to our community? How should we seek to appropriately influence…

28 - 30 May
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Deep Collaboration

Transforming our world without recreating the past

Facilitator: Miki Kashtan

An intensive seminar for change makers, activists, and influencers  “Imagine a future world in which we all value people and life and participate in the flow of generosity. A world where sharing our gifts and the mundane tasks of life…

15 Jun

Deep Ecology

Collective Myths and Consciousness

Facilitator: Jenni Horsfall & Mark Graham

Using experiential practices, ritual, and myth Jennifer and Mark will show how the principles of deep ecology underpin and inform our personal journey. Understanding human consciousness as a component of the ecological process, we will seek to inspire a creative…

17 - 18 Jun

Co-creating the Future of Work

Accelerating Organisational Shift

Facilitator: Dick Baker & Jackie Thoms

There is a shift in organisational life as the command-and-control paradigm has reached its limits. More effective ways to meet and make decisions coupled with a reorientation towards purpose-driven accountability have led people to work together in more creative and…

19 - 21 Jul

Seed Festival 2019

Planting Big Ideas

Hawkwood’s Seed Festival celebrates courageous leadership,  creative expression and innovation  in partnership with our natural world.

13 - 15 Sep
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Building Wellbeing Together Weekend

Mapping a wellbeing future, from me to we

Facilitator: Network of Wellbeing (NOW) & Hawkwood

This event will bring together leading thinkers and activists in the happiness and wellbeing movement, to map how we can build a future of wellbeing for individuals, communities, and society as a whole. This is no easy task; we are…

04 - 06 Oct

Rudolf Steiner’s Future Thinking

What kind of society do we want? How do we get there?

Facilitator: Martin Large & Steve Briault

This is a golden opportunity to meet others similarly engaged, to ask: ‘What kind of society do we want? and, How can we get there?’ We will inquire into our changing world, what strikes us as significant, burning questions to…

14 - 17 Oct

Embodied Leadership

A retreat for women

Facilitator: Belinda Davison & Lesley Joy Quilty

Using a combination of reflection, creative exercises, and small group constellation coaching we will rehearse the embodiment of ten archetypes essential to effective leadership.  Insight into how these archetypal characters show up in us as gifts and as shadows leads…