Residential Courses

Immerse yourself in the Hawkwood experience on one of our residential courses, or simply join us for a day. We have a huge range of creative and inspiring courses: focus on movement and creativity with yoga or an art workshop, get involved with social change, reconnect with nature, or join us for a poetry, storytelling, classical music, woodwork, blacksmithing or embroidery course.

We offer a unique mix of vibrant and stimulating courses, often not found elsewhere.

Either browse our full list of courses, talks and events or select from a specific area of interest. You can also use the search bar option or take a look at our calendar which highlights all activities at Hawkwood month by month.

17 - 19 Apr
20-163 Nature Facilitation Training Hawkwood College
Event Postponed

Nature Facilitation Training

Positive Change Training Programme

Facilitator: Andy Raingold and Chloe Revill

This course is for anyone who is looking to start or to deepen their experience of leading groups in nature to bring about enhanced wellbeing and/or catalyse positive change. The course combines theory and practice, and seeks to build a…

27 - 01 Apr
20-180A Olivier Mythodrama
Event Postponed

Archetypes at Work

Coaching Training - Level 1

Facilitators: Richard Olivier, Laurence Hillman & Lesley Quilty

Archetypes at Work ™ is a new experiential learning methodology to help individuals, teams and organisations become future-fit. Archetypes are the underlying patterns of human nature and experience. As such they are – often invisibly – ‘running the show’. The…

01 - 04 May
20-181 Divine Love in Action Hawkwood College
Event Postponed

Divine Love in Action

Transforming Our World with Sacred Activism

Facilitator: Andrew Harvey

Sacred Activism is a transforming force of compassion-in-action that is born of a fusion of deep spiritual knowledge, courage, love, and passion, with wise radical action in the world. The large-scale practice of Sacred Activism can become an essential force…

04 - 06 May
Gizella K Warburton Art
Event Postponed

Weaving the Line

Vessel and Form

Facilitator: Gizella K Warburton

During this workshop, we will be considering the line, through observation, mark making and interpretation. Using these start points we will explore linear and spatial relationships and different ways of introducing ‘content’ and detail with fibres and yarns. With supportive…

04 - 07 May
Jain Wells Gong Consciousness
Event Postponed

Gong Consciousness – Option I

Healing & Consciousness Workshop

Facilitator: Jain Wells & Aidan McIntyre

There is no better way to learn and understand the exceptional healing capacity of the gong than to experience a shift in one’s own healing and consciousness, and to witness the same in others. This workshop intensive involves guided self-healing…

12 - 15 May
20-061 Hawkwood Men's Mythodrama Retreat & Rites of Passage
Event Postponed

Maybe I’m a King

A Mythodrama Rite of Passage for Men

Facilitators: Michael Boyle, William Ayot & Nathan Roberts

The 21st century needs self-aware and emotionally present men as never before. These are men who can take responsibility, harness the imagination, collaborate, lead and rise to the challenges of our unstable world. Historically, such men underwent mysterious rites that…

12 - 15 May
Jain Wells Gong Consciousness
Event Postponed

Gong Consciousness – Option II

Healing & Consciousness Workshop

Facilitator: Jain Wells & Aidan McIntyre

There is no better way to learn and understand the exceptional healing capacity of the gong than to experience a shift in one’s own healing and consciousness, and to witness the same in others. This workshop intensive involves guided self-healing…

22 - 24 May
Event Postponed

The Wild Scribe

Tools and Techniques for Journaling in Nature

Facilitator: Mary Reynolds Thompson

Whether writing for yourself or writing for publication, journaling in nature unleashes powerful creative energy. Many of those who write nature journals, or would like to, often don’t realize the many techniques and tools at our disposal. We miss opportunities,…

22 - 24 May
jan blake storyteller
Event Postponed

Make a Start with Storytelling

A taster weekend for beginners and improvers

Facilitator: Jan Blake

Each storyteller has their own voice and Jan Blake is known for her dynamic and generous style. This lively taster weekend will give a flavour of her work including developing presence, inhabiting your body in movement and gesture, pacing, rhythm…

29 - 31 May
Event Postponed

Spirit of Restoration

The Transforming Light of the Seventh Ray

Facilitator: William Meader

It is clear that humanity has entered into a period of profound evolutionary change, with the turmoil within our political systems, the unimaginable implications of climate change, and the economic predicament we now face. It is clear that significant change…

19 - 21 Jun
20-241 Introduction to Woodcarving - Copy
Event Cancelled

Introduction to Woodcarving

Facilitator: David Lovemore

Be prepared for an exciting weekend introduction to woodcarving in Amber Sculpture Studio’s well-equipped workshop. Learn to handle tools as you sculpt wood and create a finished piece in a convivial and welcoming environment.

19 - 21 Jun
Watercolour Painting Julia Cairns Hawkwood
Event Postponed

Watercolour Painting

Discovering the Joys of Watercolour

Facilitator: Julia Cairns

This course is ideal for beginners or those whose painting has lapsed and need a refresher class. Julia will guide you through the process of watercolour painting, including how to mix paints, the use of colour (how to avoid ‘muddy…

28 - 02 Jun
Japanese embroidery
Event Postponed

Japanese Embroidery

Exquisite Traditional Art

Facilitator: Jackie Hall

This unique art form originated in Buddhist temples and is used for the elaborate decoration of Kimonos. This rarely taught skill has been based at Hawkwood for over sixteen years.  Using traditional methods and techniques you will produce truly stunning…

02 - 05 Jul
Celtic Shamanism Hawkwood
Event Postponed

The Art of the Healing Voice in Celtic Shamanism

Facilitator: Cáit Branigan & Caitlín Matthews

Explore the use of the voice in shamanic practice, using toning and keening to access our inner worlds, chanting to heal and unblock our energetic bodies. In this course, we shall explore the use of the healing voice in shamanic…

10 - 19 Jul
20-299 - Gong Master Training -Don Conreaux
Event Postponed

Gong Master Training Course

Facilitator: Don Conreaux & Aidan McIntyre

This year’s training will be led by Don Conreaux and Aidan McIntyre with the help of guest teachers Jon Birdsong, Robert Horwell, Kevin Goulding and Tim Byford, in addition to a guest voice coach to be announced. It will be the…

24 - 26 Jul
Event Postponed

The Alexander Technique

Take control of your movement and your pain

Facilitator: Robin & Béatrice Simmons

In each course, we emphasise the fundamental principles of the Alexander Technique and also make sure to address the needs and enquiries of each participant. The Technique can be applied to any activity so we are always interested to convey…

31 - 02 Jul

Dance the Circle Round


Facilitator: Stephanie Rose

This weekend explores the tale of Scheherazade, storyteller of the Arabian Nights, taking us dancing beyond the Bosphorus and into the Orient. Stephanie will teach both traditional folk and choreographed circle dances that expand on this exotic romance. Some previous dance experience will…

31 - 02 Jul

Landscape Painting in Mixed Media

From Composition to Completion

Facilitator: Jayne Tricker

Learn about composition and colour while experimenting with a range of tools, techniques and media. Over the weekend we will explore the beautiful landscapes around Hawkwood, in a course built around developing your landscape painting skills. Professional artist and art…

07 - 09 Aug

Soulful Singing & Mantra

Sing Joyful and Sacred Songs from Around the World

Facilitator: Mahasukha

African, sacred, uplifting and fun singing and mantra chanting with the unique and inspiring Mahasukha. A joyful, tribal and meditative experience guaranteed to put a smile on your face and uplift your heart and soul. Everyone participates, everyone has a…

07 - 09 Aug

Poetry & Activism

Enlivening the language of social change

Facilitator: Drew Dellinger

Poetry and activism both emerge from our capacity for imagination, our interconnectedness, and our love for the planet–allowing us to transcend worldviews of separation and experience a cosmology of connection. This workshop will explore poetry, arts activism, creativity and social change,…