Residential Courses

Immerse yourself in the Hawkwood experience on one of our residential courses, or simply join us for a day. We have a huge range of creative and inspiring courses: focus on movement and creativity with yoga or an art workshop, get involved with social change, reconnect with nature, or join us for a poetry, storytelling, classical music, woodwork, blacksmithing or embroidery course.

We offer a unique mix of vibrant and stimulating courses, often not found elsewhere.

Either browse our full list of courses, talks and events or select from a specific area of interest. You can also use the search bar option or take a look at our calendar which highlights all activities at Hawkwood month by month.

We are open and have implemented a Safety Protocol in order to welcome you to a secure venue following recommended government guidelines (COVID Risk Assessment).

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20 - 24 Jun

Japanese Embroidery

Exquisite Traditional Art

Facilitator: Jackie Hall

This unique art form originated in Buddhist temples and is used for the elaborate decoration of Kimonos. This rarely taught skill has been based at Hawkwood for over twenty years.  Using traditional methods and techniques you will produce truly stunning…

01 - 04 Jul
Midwinter Drawing Retreat
1 Places Left

Lifelines: Summer Drawing Retreat

Arts Education: Drawing From Life: Summer Drawing Retreat

Facilitator: Morag Donnelly

Lifelines is a sacred, sensitive art practice that weaves together movement and drawing. It provides a space for opening our senses and becoming more present with ourselves, our materials and each other. In the nourishing season of summer, together we…

02 - 04 Jul
21-272 - Classical Guitar Masterclass - Craig Ogden
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Classical Guitar Masterclass

Facilitator: Craig Ogden

A masterclass opportunity to study with one of the best classical guitarists of our generation. This enjoyable, intense weekend study course is suitable for experienced players and advanced students with a minimum skill level of Grade 6 guitar. There will…

15 - 18 Jul

The Art of the Healing Voice in Celtic Shamanism

Facilitator: Cáit Branigan & Caitlín Matthews

Explore the use of the voice in shamanic practice, using toning and keening to access our inner worlds. Chanting can also heal and unblock our energetic bodies. Much of work is based upon the three musical strains or modes of…

16 - 18 Jul

The Poetic Cosmos: A Writing Retreat

Creativity, Imagination & Interconnectedness: A Summer Writing Retreat

Facilitator: Drew Dellinger

This weekend writing retreat – explores the joys of poetry and creativity, awakening the playful poet and wordsmith within. Through writing, reading, and listening to poetry, participants will celebrate the sacred cosmos of language, and cultivate inspiration for the creative…

23 - 01 Jul

Gong Master Training Course 2021

Facilitator: Aidan McIntyre

This year’s training will be led by Aidan McIntyre supported digitally by Don Conreaux, alongside the help of guest teachers Tabla Tom Simenauer, Rolf Nitsch, Sophie Sterckx, Charlie Merton, Kevin Goulding and Tim Byford. It will be the road to…

06 - 08 Aug

Gurkha Getaway

Outdoor practical & Nepali cultural weekend

Facilitator: Zara Balfour & Phil Briggs

The world’s first Gurkha activity weekend gives you the chance to experience the lifestyle of a Nepalese Gurkha in the great outdoors, learn about their culture and history, take part in fun physical activities. Eat Nepalese curry cooked by the…

11 - 15 Aug
19-321 - Andy Henry - Qi Gong Meditation Retreat
Fully Booked

Qi Gong Meditation Retreat

Qi Gong - Self Healing Retreat

Facilitator: Andy Henry

The focus of these five days is the study of Taijiwuxigong (a Qi Gong system) for self-healing, allowing us to come more into our real nature or our true state of being. This is characterised by an increased sense of…

16 - 17 Aug

Decorative Lime Techniques

A Cotswold Rural Skill

Facilitator: Sally Ellwood

Interested in traditional rural skills? This hands-on course is for people who want to learn decorative lime techniques. You’ll gain practical experience of working with design, pigments and wet lime. Designs and all equipment will be provided.

20 - 22 Aug

Dance the Circle Round


Facilitator: Stephanie Rose

This weekend explores the tale of Scheherazade, storyteller of the Arabian Nights, taking us dancing beyond the Bosphorus and into the Orient. Stephanie will teach both traditional folk and choreographed circle dances that expand on this exotic romance. Some previous dance experience will…

27 - 30 Aug

Icons of the Heart

Painting our sacred images

Facilitator: Caitlín Matthews and Felicity Wombwell

An icon is a devotional painting of a sacred figure such as a saint, or other spiritual being, perhaps from a different tradition.  The combination of contemplation, intention, and painting with authentic materials will be a concentrated and meditative experience.…

27 - 30 Aug

Soulful Singing & Mantra Retreat

Sing Joyful and Sacred Songs from Around the World

Facilitator: Mahasukha

Join us for a weekend of African, sacred, uplifting and fun singing and mantra chanting with the unique and inspiring Mahasukha. A joyful, tribal and meditative experience that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and re-charge your…

30 - 31 Aug

Kabbalah & the Way of Myth

Facilitator: Mike Bais

In this residential workshop, the metaphysics of Kabbalah will meet the wisdom of mythology. They will cross fertilise each other as we work towards synthesis between this deep knowledge of the collective unconscious, and that of the Tree of Life…

31 - 03 Aug

The Way of Kabbalah

Annual International Kabbalah Summer School 2021

Facilitator: Kurt Browne & Joanna Lapage-Browne

Kabbalah Summer Retreat This annual retreat provides a creative space in which we study and experience the universal principles of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and in its extended form, Jacob’s Ladder and how to apply them to daily life.…

03 - 05 Sep

REVIVE Change in Nature & Jonathan Porrit

Resource yourself & take action in this extraordinary time

Facilitators: Andy Raingold, Chloe Revill & Jonathan Porritt

This weekend is an opportunity to come together, resource ourselves and explore how we might navigate our way through this extraordinary ‘portal’ in time. REVIVE Change In Nature, looks to generate the renewal we desperately need for ourselves, our communities…

03 - 05 Sep

Rest & Restore Yoga Retreat

Rest, reflect and renew

Facilitator: Mel Skinner

Prepare to move from summer to autumn with deeply restful yoga and nature-based meditations and activities to help you connect with your surroundings, as well as your body. From restorative yoga to remove the effects of high stress, and gentle…

09 - 12 Sep

Animal Communication Workshop – Level 2

Telepathic animal communication workshop - Level 2

Facilitator: Jacqueline Buckingham

This  workshop is for you if you have previously studied in this field and feel comfortable with the basic elements. This is an exciting opportunity to learn new techniques & release blocks. Deepen your telepathic communication skills through supported practice…

10 - 12 Sep

Ruth White Yoga Retreat

Ruth White Yoga Retreat will allow you to work to your needs, inspire as well as relax and revitalise you. Preparing your body and mind to enter in to Autumn with the glow of self-care. Ruth says: “This lecture and…

12 - 16 Sep

Japanese Embroidery

Exquisite Traditional Art

Facilitator: Jackie Hall

This unique art form originated in Buddhist temples and is used for the elaborate decoration of Kimonos. This rarely taught skill has been based at Hawkwood for over twenty years.  Using traditional methods and techniques you will produce truly stunning…

14 - 19 Sep

Facilitation For Positive Change

An immersive learning journey to co-create the future we choose

Facilitator: Andy Raingold & Chloe Revill

This Nature Facilitation Training course is for anyone who is looking to start or to deepen their experience of leading groups in nature, to bring about enhanced wellbeing and /or catalyse positive change. It will help to equip you with…