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Due to summer break and then a family emergency, I didn’t manage to lead my small (but perfectly formed) yoga class for eight weeks.  This gentle practice is amazingly enlivening and we all felt so much better after our practice last Wednesday. When I was managing the said emergency, I was dealing with hospitals, surgery and facing the brink with my elderly mother. In amongst all of the challenges, I found a little bit of yoga each morning, even just lying on the ground and feeling the support of the earth, was incredibly helpful.

This month as we enter the darkest time of the year, a lovely light-filled, vital person is coming to Hawkwood for her annual yoga retreat 29 November – 1 December.  I first heard about Ruth White in the 1990s, finally met her in 2014 and invited her on to our course programme.

In her teens, Ruth had chronic back problems and one day, she says, she “happened to fall at the feet of a master”. This was B K S Iyengar one of the foremost yoga teachers in the world and the founder of one of the most popular styles of yoga.  A prolific author, he was instrumental in making yoga accessible to all, first in India and then around the world.

Ruth White is facilitating a retreat consisting of talks, demonstrations, yoga practice, core strength exercises and plenty of rest and delicious food. Everyone is welcome and no experience is necessary.

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Blog by Katie Lloyd-Nunn who has enjoyed yoga since her 20s and has been teaching a weekly class for the past 10 years. Her practice focuses on finding freedom and pleasure in movement which brings well being, strength, flexibility and coordination.



Ruth White Doing Warrior 1

Ruth White was personally trained by Iyengar and has developed a unique style of teaching that fosters happiness and well-being. She teaches with enthusiasm and a sense of fun, and brings the same warmth and clarity to her talks and demonstrations. She is well known for her attention to detail, and has the ability to enable people to see through their limitations, achieve their full potential and experience a sense of freedom.


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2 thoughts on “Yoga

  1. Hi Katie,

    Are you planning to restart your yoga classes? I’m looking for a new class with Vanda Scaravelli style and thought of you – it’s been a very long time!

    1. Hi Jackie- lovely to hear from you. Hope you are well. I only just saw
      Your message as I’ve finished working at Hawkwood and my colleague forwarded it from the website. What an interesting question! The short answer is – no, sorry I’m not planning to start my yoga class again at the moment. But it’s really lovely to be asked the Question! I will ponder it, with gratitude to you for asking 💚 I’m in an extended period of recalibration, rest, recovery and play, unable to commit to a class and certainly not on Zoom at the moment. Who knows what the future may hold. Warm wishes, Katie

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