About Us

Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking is set in a beautiful, sustainably run estate, As a charity, we bring together people and organisations from many backgrounds in support of creative endeavour, a flourishing community and a sustainable environment. We aim to encourage people to make a considered difference to today’s society and to our future, and our place provides an ethical, peaceful and inspirational environment to enable individuals and organisations to grow and develop.

We focus our work on four key areas:

A Place to Grow

Providing online courses and events, as well as on-site both residential and non-residential courses in the arts, music, wellbeing, future-thinking and transformative leadership.

A Place to Create

Providing artists from local, regional and national arts organisations with support and full board and lodging to create work.

A Place for Conversation

Providing events, talks, and films addressing the pressing issues of our time to inspire people to make a difference, as well as providing a venue for forward-thinking organisations.

A Place to Explore

Providing a dynamic, open and free environment where everyone can reconnect with nature and themselves through hands-on exploration, away from the pressures of normal, busy life.

We aim to be a beacon of sustainability both in the way we work and how we manage our land. The estate occupies forty-two acres and is run along biodynamic lines. Twenty acres are leased to Stroud Community Agriculture, a community-supported agriculture collective which ensures a sustainable organic approach to land management.

Supporting creativity and innovation is at the heart of our work. We strive to be a warm, welcoming and collaborative organisation – looking to the future but also with a deep respect for our past.

We believe there has never been a more important time for the arts/cultural sector to join forces with environmental/sustainability & wellbeing sectors and our connection across sectors is what makes us unique. The environment is fast becoming a key area of focus in most organisations. Hawkwood has extensive experience of facilitating the connection between arts and the environment through our programmes but also through our place and is now able to work closely with artists and arts organisation to support their work in this area, breaking down barriers between sectors and creating a melting pot of debate and creativity between sectors.

“Hawkwood is a major contributor to the sector in terms of their impact on a huge range of projects. At the Royal Court alone, their partnership has been integral to our international residency, a new German playwrights Exchange project and the LTC Artists Climate Lab.”

– Sam Pritchard, AD, The Royal Court Theatre

Annual Reports & Finance Review

Read about our progress 2019-2022.

Our reports track our progress against our charitable aims. Hawkwood is an independent residential centre for education and has been running educational activities for more than 75 years. With the benefits of lifelong learning increasingly recognised by individuals, Hawkwood as an independent learning centre is growing and developing its reach. We aim to provide an educational programme within a sustainable environment that encourages people to develop their full potential.

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