Outdoor Classroom

We are open for bookings! Do you want to have a memorable experience in a unique setting? Get in touch.

We are delighted to offer the Outdoor Classroom as an outdoor educational facility, to support our local community initiatives, as a place to grow, a place to create, and a place to explore!

Please note that we do not hire out the outdoor classroom areas after dusk/ before dawn.

If you would like to hire the space to support your educational work, please see below the following rates:

Half Day Hire

Any times between: 09:00-12:30 / 12:30-16:00


Full Day Hire



In addition, please send the following document:

  • Risk Assessment for the work you will carry out in the Outdoor Classroom
  • Details of your Public Liability insurance
  • Details of your First Aid Training
  • You will find the link to our Risk Assessment Form, in the info above
    You can update your communication preferences at any time. Every e-newsletter we send includes a link to opt-out. You can also let us know of any changes to your communication preferences by calling us at 01453 759034 or emailing us at info@hawkwoodcollege.co.uk.

Occupancy Guidelines 

Roundhouse Space: 10 participants, 2 facilitators

Oblong Classroom: 9 participants, 1 facilitator

These are subject to change in accordance with Government Guidelines.



Please do take responsibility to stay informed of the current, up-to-date Government Guidelines with regards to the delivery of your work. We also ask that you are familiar with the COVID Safety Protocols that we are implementing here at Hawkwood, which you are encouraged to share either with participants or their guardians.

Flexibility to Support Hawkwood

We have to prioritise the livelihood of Hawkwood, especially at this very testing time. Thank you for your understanding. And so, if we were to receive a private booking or request for the venue from the Hawkwood Programme, we would have to make this priority in order to maintain a healthy cash flow and sustain the charity.

In the instance that this was to coincide with your arrangement, we will communicate with you at the earliest possibility, and look to be flexible and creative in what we can provide for you. This may be a change of space or a change of date.

We really appreciate your understanding and openness here in order for us to support the charity as best we can, and to enable the work that we do to continue.

Respect & Privacy

We have a flourishing variety of courses and retreats that happen at Hawkwood. Due to both Health & Safety with regard to our Covid Protocols and to respect workshop boundaries, we ask that you do not use the house under any circumstance.

We have outdoor compost toilets available for use (with new ones being built!). Please also be respectful with regards to walking routes on the grounds, so as to not disturb others in their process.

Tender loving care

Upon hiring the space, we wish to operate in the way of “leave the place even more beautiful than you found it” – as we see that if we were to apply this everywhere, the world would be much more cared for!


Each community hire is considered on a case by case basis. Please be prepared to wait 14 working days before a response to your application is delivered. We are working with reduced staff due to the impact of COVID19 and so we most appreciate your patience.