Restorying Landscapes in a Changing Climate

A partnership with One Resilient Earth, Living Story Landscapes & Hawkwood, supported by the British Council.

We aim to raise awareness of the benefits of restorying landscapes with artists and community members for the regeneration of individuals, communities and ecosystems, as part of a future-looking response to the climate emergency.

Restorying Landscapes in a Changing Climate is a co-creative initiative between artists and communities based in the Philippines and in the United Kingdom around the restoration of natural and cultural heritage for a regenerative and climate resilient future. By fostering learning from traditional ecological knowledge through the arts and storytelling, the project will help regenerate critical ecosystems, foster reparative relationships between South and North, and limit the local impacts of climate change. The project is a collaboration between the Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking (UK), Living Story Landscapes Project (Philippines) and One Resilient Earth (Germany) that will mobilise its international expertise to support this multicultural and transdisciplinary collaboration.

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We have experienced the power of the arts and culture in engaging participation, enhancing creativity, and embracing emergence to imagine radically different climate-resilient futures.


Explore avenues for engaging artists and culture-bearers in developing place-based narratives that highlight the importance of nurturing a harmonious relationship with nature.

Artists & Creatives from the North & South

5-Day Artist Residency

Collaboration between artists from the Philippines and the United Kingdom has resulted in a showcase of visual, auditory, literary, and multimedia artworks on a the Artist Exchange Residency Retreat at Hawkwood. These works highlighted the importance of revising the narrative around climate change with a community showcase event presenting the artists' works in progress during their retreat, inspiring us all to take action towards a better future.

The Project Partners

A partnership with One Resilient Earth, Living Story Landscapes & Hawkwood, supported by the British Council.


Laureline Simon - One Resilient Earth

One Resilient Earth based in Germany will lead on joint learning and knowledge sharing to scale up impact.


Sarah Queblatin - Living Story Landscapes

Living Story Landscapes Project will be working on the ground with artists, culture bearers and communities in the Philippines.


Alicia Carey - Hawkwood

Hawkwood CFT will be working with UK artists and culture bearers. The in-person residency with artists from the Philippines and the UK will be hosted at Hawkwood.


Learn more about the project’s vision and intentions, our learning design principles.