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Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking is a leading nonprofit nurturing exceptional individuals to make a transformative impact on our society

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Fellowship Programme Hawkwood

Our future-thinking research and fellowship initiative aims to tackle the most pressing issues of our time. Over three years, we will support eight cross-sector fellows annually, empowering them to bring positive change.


tim davies

Tim Davies, Ethical AI

Cindy Forde, Climate & Education

Jeremy Chapman

Jeremy Chapman, New Financial Systems

Penny Hay, Imagination & Futures

Soumik Datta, Creativity

Phoebe-Tickell, Moral Imagination

About Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking

A Hub of Innovation

Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking, nestled in the idyllic Gloucestershire countryside near Stroud, is a beacon of future-focused ideas. Our unique cultural idea gathers serious thinkers, changemakers, systems experts, and artists from diverse sectors to catalyse genuine, inclusive change.

Our Fellowship Programme

Empowering Visionaries

Drawing from over 70 years of pioneering new ideas, we are passionate about supporting visionaries with exceptional concepts. Our Fellowship Programme acts as a hub for cross-genre Systems Thinking, bringing together experts from various backgrounds. Through a 12-month Fellowship, we support research and work that will transform our world, covering subjects such as Futures Thinking, Climate Change Mitigation, Creativity, Peace, and more.

Fellowship Programme Hawkwood

The Hawkwood Way

Collaborative Development

At Hawkwood, we believe in multidisciplinary praxis and collaboration. Fellows benefit from an enriching environment where they work together, share ideas, and support one another's growth. Our commitment to inclusivity and equality fosters a rich and integral fellowship scheme that sparks new systems-thinking projects both locally and globally.

Nurturing Impactful Change

The results of our Fellowship Programme go beyond research papers and reports. Fellows emerge with new ideas, initiatives, and even businesses, trialling concepts that address societal challenges head-on. Their work reaches wider audiences through our platforms and events, contributing to a larger conversation on positive systems change.

Dhaqan Collective at Hawkwood
Fellowship Programme Hawkwood

Leadership & Management

Guiding Transformative Endeavors

Led by an experienced board and CEO Alicia Carey, Hawkwood's leadership is committed to driving innovation and excellence. Alicia's vast connections in the sector, coupled with her passion for organisational development, ensure that the fellowship experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

"During every visit, I feel alive at Hawkwood, surrounded by my peers, supported by the kind venue staff, their nutritious meals, generosity and openness. It is a privilege to be nestled deep in nature, far from the bustle of city life to focus purely - on creativity and collaboration. Over the last two years, delivering my commissions - from British Council, Southbank Centre, BBC Singers, various COP26-related activities and music-led, refugee awareness programmes - would not have been possible without the generosity of the Hawkwood team."
- Soumik Datta

Empower Changemakers

We are seeking support to fund our Fellowship Programme and empower these exceptional changemakers. If you wish to be part of the transformational journey, please get in touch at alicia.carey@hawkwoodcollege.co.uk.

Join Our Community of Innovators

In 2019 alone, Hawkwood welcomed thousands of people from all over the world, hosting cultural courses, events, and residencies for artists and changemakers. Our reach extends through online initiatives, podcasts, and action labs, connecting forward-thinking leaders globally. As a place-based organisation with esteemed partners like Good Energy, Triodos Bank, and Friends of the Earth, Hawkwood is a melting pot of creativity and collaboration.

C40 Cities
Doughnut Economics Action Lab
Finance Innovation Lab
Friends of the Earth
Triodos Bank
The Royal Society of Arts
Good Energy

Creative Partners

The Music Works
Schaubühne Berlin
Midlands Arts Centre
The Lyric Hammersmith
Art Shape
The Roundhouse
Arts Council
Royal Court Theatre
The London Theatre Consortium
Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
Cheltenham Music Festival
Strike A Light
The Francis W Reckitt Arts Trust
English Touring Opera
Create Gloucestershire