Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Statement

At Hawkwood societal wholeness means participation and meaningful representation of everyone through and across all we do. This includes ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, ability and more.

We proactively do this through our creative artists residency, and we have been carrying out research to broaden the diversity of our course leaders. Thinking different is core to Hawkwood and a motivation for everything of what we do and programme, so we want to continue to develop our team at all levels  including our Board to be more diverse.

We know we have more work to do and that it will take time and effort to achieve the changes that we want to. By the end of this year we will have consulted outside of our usual networks and compiled an Equality Diversity and Inclusion plan and we will have enough data to create meaningful insight and demonstrate our progress towards our goal.

We will regularly update this page with our progress.

If you would like to support us or help us on this journey, we’d be interested to hear your thoughts. Please contact us on:info@hawkwoodcollege.co.uk

– June 2020