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Feed your curiosity & stay inspired.

To help make our content free and available anytime, we have been recording our talks. They feature big ideas and extraordinary guest speakers, artists and doers. Watch them on the go or at home.

Feminine Leadership

Natalie Fee & Traci Lewis | 58 mins

"Do Build" Book Launch

Sir Tim Smit & Alan Moore | 77 mins

World on Fire

Charles Eisenstein | 63 mins

Earth Revolution Poetry Performance

Drew Dellinger | 73 mins

Moving Beyond Mind

Claire Dubois | 50 mins

Honouring Polly Higgins

Jojo Mehta & Gail Bradbrook | 58 mins

Solastalgia & WildFire

Glenn Albrecht | 39 mins


Continue learning & resource yourself with the knowledge shared – at any time!

Hawkwood has launched it’s on demand video streaming service to continue to support the work of its charity. The much-loved Regenerative Confluence conference that took place this May was our first release on this platform.

Over 10 hours of content delivered by pioneers in professional and personal regeneration

Otto Scharmer, Nora Bateson, Rob Hopkins, Manda Scott, and many, many more!

As you journey through this library of videos, revel in both the knowledge and specialism of experts. Enjoy the breadth and diversity of topics covered, from future literacy to systemic change, and storytelling to holistic leadership.


Celebrating courageous leadership & amplifying creative expression

We are at a crossroads, and with growing environmental and political challenges around the world there has perhaps never been a more incremental time to come together and act with our future, and the planet in mind.

To watch the rest of our Seed Festival Talks, please go to our

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