In Hawkwood’s first podcast series, Stories That Matter, changemakers, thinkers, and innovators discuss the stories that have influenced them, their visions for the future and the actions they are taking to change the world. Each fortnightly episode will feature a different individual, from visiting speakers to local activists, showcasing the Centre for Future Thinking and the values at its core.

“Hawkwood is interacting with the world out there and making a difference to people’s lives.”

This Hawkwod podcast is produced by Laura Byng, with music by Daisy and her Kora.


9 October

Episode 14

Kit Beazley

Kit Beazley, former head of finance at Triodos Bank, was a speaker at Hawkwood’s Seed Festival in July this year. In this episode, he tells us about delivering Triodos’ Brexit strategy, how banks can help in the fight against climate change, and what led him to leave mainstream banking.

2 October

Episode 13

Craig Bennett

Craig Bennett, chief executive of Friends of the Earth UK, was a speaker at Hawkwood’s Seed Festival in July this year. In this episode, he tells us about Friends of the Earth’s changing campaigning strategy, the importance of diversifying the environmental movement, and how we can have hope in the face of climate change.

25 September

Episode 12

Alison Tickell

Alison Tickell, founder of Julie’s Bicycle, was a speaker at this year’s Seed Festival.

18 September

Episode 11

Matthew McStravick

In this episode, Matthew McStravick, founder of Deepr, tells us about the importance of even the smallest everyday connections with others, how good design can enable this, and the upcoming Enrol Yourself programme at Hawkwood.

11 September

Episode 10

Florence Nyasamo Thomas

Florence Nyasamo Thomas is the founder of Lives of Colour, a platform offering infrastructure and education to support diversity and inclusion within businesses, educational institutions and government agencies. In this episode, she tells us a bit more about Lives of Colour, her upcoming exhibition I-Mmigrate and why everyone needs to be around the table in discussions of diversity and inclusivity.

4 September

Episode 9

Mike Berners-Lee

Mike Berners-Lee, an expert in greenhouse gas carbon footprinting, founder of Small World Consulting and author of ‘There Is No Planet B’. Mike was a speaker at this year’s Seed Festival.

29 August

Episode 8

Bibi van der Zee

Bibi van der Zee, an editor at the Guardian writing about farming and food production, was a speaker at this year’s Seed Festival.

21 August

Episode 7

Ian Banyard

Ian Banyard is the founder of Cotswold Natural Mindfulness and is a frequent visitor to Hawkwood, guiding mindful walks through our woodland, or leading workshops to train others in guiding mindful walks.
Ian will be running a Natural Mindfulness Retreat in November, to find out more follow the link below.

14 August

Episode 6

Helen Browning

Helen Browning, organic farmer and chief executive of the Soil Association, was a speaker at this year’s Seed Festival. In this interview, she discusses the report she’s been working on with the RSA, how Brexit will affect British farmers, and her book Pig: Tales from an Organic Farm.

7 August

Episode 5

Kate Raworth

Kate Raworth is the renegade economist behind Doughnut Economics, exploring the economic mindset needed to address the 21st century’s social and ecological challenges. Kate led a workshop at Hawkwood in July 2019, and later on that day was interviewed by the team from Lush.

You can find more audio content by Lush wherever you get your podcasts, or by downloading the free Lush Player app.

30 Jul

Episode 4

Tim Redfern

Tim Redfern, or Timberlina, the world’s premier ecologically minded drag queen, was an artist in residence at Hawkwood in 2019.

15, Jul

Episode 2

Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor is a regular visitor to Hawkwood, and has become one of the family here. In March 2019, he led a course on creating A More Beautiful World, and in September we will welcome him once more for a course on The Art of Ceremony: Healing for the World.

10, Jun

Episode 1

Roman Krznaric

Public Philosopher Roman Krznaric was a changemaker in residence at Hawkwood in January 2019. In this first episode of the podcast, he explains why he founded the Empathy Museum, the ideas behind his latest book,  and why we need to rethink the concept of time.

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