Elizabeth Project

As part of our Artist residency, We at Hawkwood welcomed The Elizabeth Project to our studio. This group used their time to work on the next chapter of their project; ‘Re-membering Anne.’ An opportunity to give voices to women and revisit history with a new perspective. Through this time we were able to watch them evolve in a way no one could have expected.

“We were able to spread out, put props and costumes and instruments all around the space, and generally really make it home”

One thing that we noticed from their work was that our grounds offer fresh perspectives. In an environment of peace and creativity, the group looked at their characters in a way they hadn’t. They made sure to take advantage of everything offered; from the grounds to the studio. Ambiance was the first thing to help the creative flow.

Collaboration and group ideas was another thing that we noticed. This came both from the Elizabeth Project, and from everyone else present. It’s always hard to ask for help when we get stuck, but with proximity to so many great creative minds you often don’t need to. It was inspiring to see so many offering a hand where needed, or to see the project offer ideas to others as well.

“We were drawn together into an atmosphere of trust and support in a way that is rarely experienced.”

The most important thing we noticed from the Elizabeth Project’s stay though was the idea of play in work. With the world in the tough situation it finds itself in, we often find it hard to find joy and happiness. This can wear on us, grind our gears, but it’s just as important to learn to find play in work where we can. The artists showed us exactly that, finding inspiration everywhere.

“The gift of time and space and spending five days together in a studio allowed us to make  several  important decisions … regarding the structure and style of the piece  which would  not have been possible whilst  working in isolation.”

We can only hope that their stay with us was as informative to them as it was to us. Full credit to the Elizabeth project and their members; Fi Ross, Penelope Wildgoose, Maxine Dubois, and Franck Alba.


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