Helen Chadwick

Singer, songwriter, composer, performance creator and recording artist, with a background in theatre, Helen writes unaccompanied songs for voices and create solo and group performances with Helen Chadwick Song Theatre.

Helen Chadwick’s composing credits include: song theatre commissions for the Royal Opera House, English Touring Opera, Greenwich and Salisbury Festivals, a BBC, the RSC and the National Theatre. With Steven Hoggett she has also created War Correspondents, and Dalston Songs. At heart a song writer, she also records and performs solo and group concerts. She has recorded ten albums including a track that featured on Desert Island Discs. She sang on the film TROY.

The outcome of the week enabled TRUTH to come into being. TRUTH is a spellbinding fusion of song and choreography, using testimonies collected from all over the world – some brutal, some hilarious. A beautiful and thought-provoking song theatre show, which explores the once-simple notion of Truth in our messy modern age of fake news. The trailer for TRUTH can be seen here.


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“My composing residency last week was very productive and hugely enjoyable and restorative. Thank you all for all the support you have me of all kinds. You are so friendly and kind.
I worked on several new songs for the new song theatre show TRUTH, rearranged existing songs, added new sections, sorted through the stories I had been sent and decided which ones to work more on to turn them into songs, worked on the structure and tried out songs on local singers and then rearranged them again. The project took a leap forward which is wonderful. I was amazed at how productive one can be when there are no distractions.”


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