Mandi Riggi

Artist Residency at Hawkwood: Mandi Riggi

"I named it, Nirvana, because I was in a place of Nirvana at Hawkwood."

I was incredibly blessed for five days in February 2023; five days of bliss. It wasn’t five days of laying on a beach drinking a fancy tropical drink, no, it was five days of pure uninterrupted work.

As writers we need nature, we need solace. Coming from the heart of the noisy streets of London, drowning in daily life demands, I made my new bed at Hawkwood, in nature. I was supported by a loving group of artists and facilitators who fed me, smiled at me regularly, housed me, and encouraged me to just write.

I came in with an idea for a television series that had been eating at my brain (in a good way) and I walked out with half of the television pilot written. It is now complete. I named it, Nirvana, because I was in a place of Nirvana at Hawkwood.

Thank you for feeding my creative soul. I will treasure my time at Hawkwood for the rest of my living years.

Original Blog Entry by Mandi Riggi.

With thanks to the Francis Reckitt Art Trust, DCMS & Arts Council England for their funding that make these residencies possible. Read about our Artist Residency Programme here.

Mandi Riggi

Mandi Riggi is a British/American writer-director of Iranian descent, based in London. A member of WGA, WGGB, BAFTA Connect, and Directors UK, she’s the writer/creator of the TV series “CRIMSON CROWN,” in development with director Dario Argento. Her pilot “PEACE X PIECE” was optioned by US network Showtime. Mandi’s screenplay “MERCY,” inspired by her play, gained recognition in EAVE, Toronto Film Festival, Film London’s PFM, and MIA Co-Production Market. She’s directed acclaimed short films and plays, including “LEVITICUS” at Edinburgh Fringe and Off Broadway. Currently, Mandi is developing various film and TV projects, including her feature film “MERCY.”


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