Nathalie Codsi – Spilt Ink

Our time at Hawkwood was a breath of fresh air! We absolutely loved every moment of it, and coming to it at the beginning of January really helped us reconnect with one another and remember why being in the same room together is so important, as theatre makers. We had the opportunity to really disconnect from our daily busy lives and just be in the beauty of nature, and in our rehearsal space. The walks and woods around Hawkwood are so beautiful, and an inspiration to our own work that we are trying to make at the moment, and we were lucky to have sunny days there too! The accommodation was very  nice, as was the food, and we had our own block too. We had breaks at 11 and 4, with breakfast, lunch and dinner in between, which was really great to have that structure to leave the work room and have a break, then come back to it. Hawkwood have really thought about artists which is brilliant.

The rehearsal space was a great way to play, and we even got to show some work to another group. Hawkwood helped us come together and decide what our next steps are within our theatre company, in a creative way. We created more work, and we even got to invite 2 of our external collaborators in for one day, one puppeteer and one writer, which was the first time they had met properly, so to have that space to work together was incredible! We will never forget January 2022, after such a difficult 2 years especially with sporadic meetings, no space and only zoom calls, and remind ourselves of the beauty of nature and the beautiful space to be and to think and play.

Full credit to Nathalie Codsi and Spilt Ink Theatre, with thanks to the DCMS & Arts Council England for their funding.


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