Rosie Mason

Artist Residency at Hawkwood: Rosie Mason

"I’m up on my feet playing with props, music and physical ideas. We end the day feeling positive and confident that there is a show brewing."

Day One: Arrival and Reflection

Just arrived, slightly later than planned (nothing like a post-Christmas flat battery to slow things down a little…).
Exciting and surreal to be here. It feels so welcoming and peaceful here after the noise of family Christmas. There are strains of incredible singing coming from a room along the corridor.

Everything feels calm and cared for, making me feel cared for too.

I can feel mild panic in my belly – hope I’m up to the job.

I remind myself not to panic, that no one is expecting a full new show in four days.
I start by moving my body. After weeks of flu and Christmas indulging I feel pretty ‘out of my body’ and foggy of my mind, so I’ll go slow, give myself time to stretch and ‘land’ and then I’m hoping to write.

Day Two: Finding Space and Rhythm

Feels like so much time and space has opened up around me. The process of writing without interruption was so good for me yesterday – cathartic. It makes me realise how ‘homesick’ I’ve been feeling for space like this.
I’m finding the rhythm of collective meals so helpful – the structure and the stimulating company and chats after the peaceful working times are much appreciated.

Day Three: Collaborative Exploration

First Day with Fi Ross visiting me as an outside eye / director. I seem to have 70 new scribbly pages to read through with her. It’s so useful to have a listening ear, to start to get a sense of what bits will work, what bits will inevitably get binned. I’ve promised her a walk in the beautiful grounds, but we’re on such a roll that we just work and eat delicious meals.

Day Four: Momentum and Gratitude

Last day. I wish it wasn’t, I’d love to be keeping the momentum going. It’s going to be harder to stay focussed on this piece once I’m home and back to the reality of the multi-task between children, teaching, domesticity, so many distractions…

Today goes really well. I’m up on my feet playing with props, music and physical ideas. We end the day feeling positive and confident that there is a show brewing. It needs editing and shaping of course, but I’m confident that with a funding bid to finance a proper rehearsal process I will have a show to be proud of.

Thank you Hawkwood for a brilliant opportunity. I’m so grateful.

Original Blog Entry by Rosie Mason. Published and Adapted by Priscila Pabon at Hawkwood CFT.

With thanks to the Francis Reckitt Art Trust, DCMS & Arts Council England for their funding that make these residencies possible. Read about our Artist Residency Programme here.

Rosie Mason

​Rosie is an actor, theatre practitioner, teacher, choreographer and movement teacher. She teaches Belly fit classes – holistic movement classes for women, inspired by belly dance, bhangra, Pilates and yoga. She also leads youth theatre sessions for Flies on the Wall youth theatre as well as running ad-hoc drama, movement and clown workshops for various groups such as Dramarama, School of Larks and Allsorts Youth Club and within schools. She has two young daughters.

Rosie feels passionately about how movement, body image and self-expression can be helpful as an engaging medium in working with young people. Rosie is able to incorporate her many skills when working within the mentoring groups- offering yoga and meditation as tools to effectively manage stress.


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