This is Unfinished

Recently Hawkwood had the opportunity to host ‘This is Unfinished’ as part of our Hawkwood Residency. In that residency we were able to see a process that was a little different. For those that don’t know, ‘This is Unfinished’ is a group that combines concepts from cooking to artistic practice. Leo and his group came with the intention of rehearsing an interactive performance. While they were here they took the chance to rekindle and reconnect with their roots.

“This Is Unfinished often works … to explore different projects and draw different perspectives, conclusions and conversations from the experience.”

Along with Leo came two collaborators; Laura Burns and Fernanda Muñoz-Newson. The former a published writer and the latter a dance artist and choreographer. They joined to provide perspective. To add their own aspect to the performance, or to be a voice to provide input and contrast.

“Every day noticing the steady trickle of bodies coming and going from the sycamore and the well. The sacred and mundane weaving together their rhythm.”

From what we could tell all three experienced something original in their residency. They were able to focus on a range of ideas including fresh environments and people watching. There was always something different going on. When they combined their observations with practice they gained new insights.

But more than that, the group revisited something they’d known all along. Having fun with your work. The basics of play in creativity is something many of us forget to take into account. Recently that’s only gotten worse as the current world of disconnect has kept us distant from play. At times like these it’s even more important to let yourself be free and escape in your work. To let go of negativity. To see the group doing exactly that, and finding joy in what they did, was inspiring.

“During our residency we each were working on our own divinatory oracular processes/ practices/ conversations/ navigations both inside and out … It was a time to convene and to re light/ kindle parts of our individual processes”

We can only hope they got as much out of their stay as we got out of hosting them. Our one wish is they continue to inspire people through their art.

Full credit to ‘This is Unfinished’ with Leo Kay and collaborators Laura Burns and Fernanda Muñoz-Newson. If you’re interested in learning more about Leo Kay and ‘This is Unfinished‘ visit Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.


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