Whose Paradise Theatre

“An R&D week to devise a new piece of puppet theatre for families, at a time when the nation is starting to dream about venturing out again after the year of being held hostage by Covid.”

Many things have shown us creativity can flourish in hard times since Lockdown began. To name a few; home crafts and  design hobbies, and more than a few aspiring videographers. For Hawkwood what’s shown us this most of all is our artist residency. In particular, Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish with Whose Paradise Theatre.

“Ours is a playful approach to a cautionary tale of consumerism and carelessness, in which glorious and surprising heroes remind mankind of our responsibility to care for and to fairly share our magnificent planet.”

Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish is a puppet show for open spaces. It’s an opportunity to nurture hope in a space and environment not  surrounded by four walls. It’s intention was to inspire and bring heart to communities. In the five days Whose Paradise Theatre was with us we saw it grow and we could see the heart put into it. Where better to discover such a fantastic vision than on Hawkwood grounds?

“Importantly this is an environmental tale, which is what led us to Hawkwood in the first place, with their wonderful commitment to sustainability and natural wellbeing.”

Of course, in our residencies we provide the best possible care to our artists. Our aim is to take care of every worry they could have. This ensures all will be able to create to their heart’s content, and that the best creativity will flourish.

“So we sketched out our entire play, wrote music and devised the soundtrack, built a temporary set, test-drove our prototype dinosaurs around the grounds, sang in sheltered spots and wild, and recorded our songs in the potting shed! Morning and evening strolls in the woods not only served as meditation but also to help digest the amazing meals we ate. … I don’t think we’ve ever felt more nourished and cared for. Freeing us entirely to create from a productive place of happy gladness.”


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