Our Community Work

Situated in a Grade II listed 19th Century country house, our grounds include sustainably managed woodland, gardens and community farmland, all open to the public free of charge year round. We work closely with local community groups in and around Stroud, developing environmental and sustainable practices. Hawkwood is important because in an ever increasing complex world with fast paced lifestyles there is little opportunity for thinking, reflection and discussion about how we as communities tackle the big challenges facing the world today. Hawkwood addresses this need by bringing people together and providing courses, training, an artist residency programme, festivals, cultural performances and venue hire

We provide a neutral, levelling space, bringing diverse groups together and offering space for thinking, creativity and decision making. We spark new ideas, unique collaborations and cutting edge conversations, working towards positive change and improving the quality of life for communities.

“Being an independent charity, Hawkwood has had to be adaptable and flexible, demonstrating and meeting the current need for sustainability and positive change”

– Stroud Mayor Kevin Cranston

Local Community

The local community benefits culturally from programmes of workshops and performances offering top quality experiences.

We are a thriving educational resource that makes a difference to our community, providing an open estate for the local community, a free annual community day, free performances and building an outdoor community classroom. We enhance the cultural life of Stroud and provide a retreat for our local, regional, national and international guests.

Public Access

PeterMos Now VolunteerIMG_8614

Hawkwood is an open-site offering free public access to visitors

Community Groups

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Many groups use the land for meeting and outdoor activities


Les Hendry Garden Food1

Opportunity to be part community farm, growing sustainable, organics produce

Community Groups

Many groups use the land for meeting and outdoor activities


Journeyman UK

  • Helping teenagers and young men facing difficulties in life


  • Enabling young people to discover their potential

Stroud Community Agriculture

  • 20 acres is leased to Stroud Community Agriculture, a biodynamic and organic farm run by a co-operative of over 200 people. 

Outdoor Classroom

  • A growing number of partners use this space for free

Woodland Trail – coming soon 2019

  • This project will provide a great educational resource for local young people, the wider community and the visitors to the area. We believe it is vital to our work and to our future that young people come into contact with the natural world around them and that they are educated about what they can do to protect it. The trail will ensure they learn lots and have fun in the outdoors!

Local WoodFuel Group

  •  Community co-operative who manage our woodlands in return share of the wood

Amber Sculpture Studio

  • On-site workshop

Blacksmithing sessions

  • On-site workshop for homeschooled children

Conversations Groups

  • Rising Women Rising World
  • Theory U

The “Green Gym” Gardens

  • Weekly volunteer sessions garden
  • 105 local volunteers of all ages work on a wide range of projects from stewarding at events to working in our gardens