Unveiling the Fifth Edition of Our Online Climate Action Lab

Climate Action Lab V

Hawkwood CFT is looking for official sponsors to support it’s Climate Action Lab V: Igniting Change Together

Envision an immersive virtual realm where ideas converge, connections amplify, and the embers of positive climate action ignite. Introducing the much-awaited fifth edition of our Online Climate Action Lab – a multi-day symposium abounding with thought leadership, progressive conversations, and captivating experiences, united by a singular objective: catalyzing tangible climate change solutions.

This lab transcends discourse in a landscape where open and resolute dialogues about climate change are paramount; it’s an electrifying catalyst propelling us towards actionable solutions. At a juncture where pivotal choices map our trajectory, this lab stands as our guiding constellation.

Alicia, Hawkwood CFT’s CEO, underscores our collective aspiration: ‘We invite allies with radical ideas and collaborators in the ambitious, who don’t merely desire change, but actively engineer it. Our connections and community amplify our collective energy. Together, we forge new ideas, new brands, and new systems that will flourish in a regenerative society and a compassionate world.’

This isn’t an ordinary digital assembly – it’s an immersive odyssey designed for engagement. Our framework revolves around networking and meaningful exchanges that fuel your participation. Anchored by our official sponsors and esteemed presenting partners, we’re steadfast in nurturing a community that propels progress.

Join us in embracing change as the fith edition unfurls its wings. Learn from industry luminaries, visionaries, and architects of change already steering their practices towards a planet-positive future. Whether an enterprise giant, a budding startup or an individual, your role is pivotal in charting our course towards a brighter tomorrow.

Let’s intertwine, co-create, and ignite change. This is more than a lab; it’s a springboard for a regenerated world of compassion. Together, let’s fan the flames of positive climate action. If your brand resonates with our mission, consider becoming an official sponsor. Let’s spark change together.



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