7 Books to Get You Prepped for COP26

COP26 is fast approaching. Soon the world leaders will be recommitting to climate action goals. To spread awareness, on November 1st until the 3rd Hawkwood is running it’s flagship Climate Action Lab. It’s a time to #ShakeUpTheSystem and challenge the narrative of loss and separation. We’ve all heard enough of “What are we prepared to give up?”


Now is the time for us to say YES to commitment, YES to action, and YES to nature.

There’s a lot we can do for Climate Action, but the most important thing we can do is educate ourselves on what matters. At the climate action lab we will be doing exactly that. Through hearing the stories of those at the forefront, we learn how we can support climate action. No more giving up. Instead it’s time we build back better.

But while you’re waiting, what can you do to enrich your experience? In the meantime, our community has selected some great reads, recommended by climate leaders and participants from previous action labs, to prepare you for the upcoming event. These great resources will help you to better engage with the talks and each other;




The Good Ancestor

by Roman Krznaric

An important look at how we build our communities around the short term and the shift we need to the long term.

Free Book on Commons

A look at our alternative to predatory market-state systems; self-organising, free systems. From cohousing to alternative currencies and open source communities.

How Bad are Bananas?

by Mike Berners-Lee

A study of our carbon footprint and impact from the everyday to the community wide. This book puts everything we do into an entertaining, understandable perspective.

Active Hope

by Joanna Macy

Active hope is something we do, rather than something we have. The journey of finding and offering our meaningful and satisfying lives.

Braiding Sweetgrass

by Robin Wall Kimmerer

How nature and other living beings offer us lessons and gifts, how we respond and how we need to return those gifts to nature.

Dare to be Great

by Polly Higgins

Take note of our inner tools and resources and dare to be great. This book explores what we have available to us to create a better world and a truly great future.

Lessons from a Small Country

by Jane Davidson

The story of a pioneering nation finding prosperity in its natural beauty, renewable energy and resilient community.

These are just a few of the amazing community resources, cool organisations, fantastic books and articles, and much more that gathered across Hawkwood’s Climate Action Lab which can be found here!

Will Tuckett studied writing at Bath Spa University. During that time he explored writing for a range of platforms and forms of interaction. Following that he went to Stockholm University to study Teaching and Literature. While starting in script, he moved to write for digital media and specialises in long-form. Will is now part of Hawkwood’s Marketing Department!


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