The Wild Soul Woman’s Journey

Awaken to the Five Archetypes of the Wild Soul Woman

The hero’s journey, the dominant narrative of culture and personal transformation, has little to offer us as women. We are not damsels in need of rescue or passive bystanders patiently awaiting the hero’s return. We want, above all, to be the protagonists of our own tales, the creators of our own adventures. Instead of slaying dragons, what if we embodied their ferocity and fire in service of all life? We are not separate from the forces of nature, nor do we wish to be.

And if our stories need to change, which they must, so, too, do our cultural metaphors. A woman seeking to regain her wildness will not find it in the upward path of striving, or by breaking the glass ceiling. We do not want to simply “lean in” to the masculine mode of doing things. No. The soul path of the feminine is downward, inward, to the ground of the earth and into the very terrain our culture is attempting to exploit or silence.

If we are to become Wild Soul Women, we need to understand the immensity and potency of the wild woman archetype that is being called into consciousness at this time. And we require an initiation of our own—one that is feminine, instinctual, Earth-conscious. That experience is the heart of this course.


What is the Wild Soul Woman Journey?


It’s an eco-heroine’s journey.

It is feminine, embodied, and earth-centered. It flows with poetry, imagination, and is fuelled by instinct and intuition.


It’s an archetypal journey.

Like all mythic journeys it is centered around archetypes, only these are feminine Earth archetypes, wild and empowering.


It’s a journey of transformation.

It leads us from Barren Worlds (Desert Woman); to the Dark Womb (Forest Woman); to The Waters Break (Ocean and River Woman); to Giving Birth (Mountain Woman); to Nurturing the Newborn (Grassland Woman).


It’s a soul journey.

Downward, inward, in the deep roots of our being where we connect to the wisdom of the earth, far beyond the reaches of patriarchy.


This creative, seven-month online journey begins next Thursday. There are only a few places left. It’s designed for women who are creative, long to write more, dance more, be more, in order to show up fully, with all their gifts and gladness.

For more information, or to book your place, visit Wild Soul Woman here.


Mary Reynolds Thompson is an international teacher, facilitator of poetry and journal therapy, and core faculty for the Therapeutic Writing Institute in Colorado. She is the author of several books, including the award-winning Reclaiming the Wild Soul: How Earth’s Landscapes Restore Us to Wholeness. She has successfully run many online courses and is experienced in holding the space.


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