Artist in Residence: Dan de la Motte

A place where time works differently

Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking is a place where time works differently. Where the incessant ‘next thing, next thing, next thing’ mentality of making and doing is replaced with an attitude of reflection and a more methodical process of decision making. And with that comes a more measured, ethical, creative and exciting way of working.

I am a proud Londoner, but at times, especially the times we live in currently, the city can feel like it’s sitting on you, not giving you the space to breathe and think. That’s why it’s important to escape this, when the opportunity presents itself, which not only refreshes and enhances appreciation of the natural environment, but also the city that you return to.

Alongside fellow performance artists Tim Redfern (aka Timberlina) and Tom Marshman I was lucky enough to be an Artist in Residence at Hawkwood in September 2020. Within Hawkwood’s incredible and inspiring surroundings we explored how our work intersects and what we collectively are interested in making and saying. This would not have happened without the opportunity that Hawkwood gave us.

It has to be said again; this new creative relationship, set of ideas and ways of working simply would not have happened without Hawkwood College.

We left Hawkwood with our heads, hearts and stomachs full, and we also left with a nub of an idea which we plan to flesh out further, a performance around the industry of nostalgia, and what this says about contemporary Britain. It has to be said again; this new creative relationship, set of ideas and ways of working simply would not have happened without Hawkwood College.

Thank you Hawkwood, and I really hope to visit again soon.

Dan de la Motte, January 2021

Dan de la Motte

Dan de la Motte is a performer of live art and comedy. His work is influenced by Queer heritage, in particular the work of the Gay Liberation Front (GLF). Elsewhere he is a storyteller and workshop facilitator for children, a curator and producer of exhibitions and digital work and a councillor for Equity. Recent work has been with/for/at; Arcola Theatre, Alexandra Palace, Battersea Arts Centre, Camden People’s Theatre, Fevered Sleep, Museum of London, Southbank Centre, Young Vic. @Dandelamotte


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One thought on “Artist in Residence: Dan de la Motte

  1. This was an incredibly supported and well held four days. I had never been to a residency where everything is catered for, no need to think about cooking, shopping, making up our rooms or anything else except focusing, relaxing and working. This came as an absolute blessing at that point in time because work had begun picking up again and these few days made the world of difference to my capacities to focus in a relaxed and productive way. Usually it might take at least a day to settle and find a good focus or beginning in a new environment, but because everything was in place, all the delicious/ nutritious meals wonderfully made and served, incredible outdoor and indoor surroundings which were spacious enough to feel alone but never isolated, super studios/ rooms and such a welcoming openness and curiosity from all staff there was nothing in the way of letting the work begin and to be inspired by the beauty and quality of the environment. I very much hope to return to Hawkwood for a residency in the near future.

    While at Hawkwood I was picking up stands from a couple of performance projects that got left on hold during the pandemic and lock downs. Inchoate Buzz an immersive performance which is part choreography/ curation/ collaborative project of mine, the work is ameba-like and can invite into its sensorial environment other artists and musicians works and practices along side my own. Based on reorienting from our get intelligence, resting into liveness, attending to our senses while in close and more distance proximities with a public, the work seeks to question and guide a sensorial journey for the audience into imaginative states of liveness and experiential live performance. This work has previously been supported by Arts Council England, Jerwood New Work Fund, Sadlers Wells and Siobhan Davies Dance. Also currently devising five days outdoors dance facilitation sessions in London parks and urban environments with Independent Dance for the Summer Professional Class series drawing on practices developed for Inchoate Buzz. The second work is a current commission from DRAF Live Works and this involves divinatory practices around immersive and discursive interactions with audience and ceramic/ glass objects.

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