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Working for Hawkwood during the past year has certainly presented its challenges but we are so lucky to have such a great team and be led by Alicia with her tireless work, indomitable spirit and endless optimism!

We have all been able to support each other and, no less importantly, bring light-hearted relief as we have ploughed forward together through these uncertain times. We have created new ways of working thanks to Google Drive, Zoom and Slack so we can remain connected throughout the day; it’s difficult to believe that a year ago we weren’t using any of these platforms – we didn’t need to – and although they don’t compensate for not being able just to pop in and out of each others’ offices for a chat, they have helped enormously.

I am lucky enough to be back working at Hawkwood but, although the gardens are glorious, the empty house doesn’t feel right and we are so looking forward to welcoming you all back from 17 May. Covid-19 precautions will be in place as we want you to feel safe when you are with us but we are sure that these won’t spoil your enjoyment of your visit so do look at our on-site courses and give me a call if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you soon!



I started working for Hawkwood as a digital marketing intern. Hawkwood gave me my first job and trained me from the ground up. My background was in Law and International Politics, a whole wide world away from the ins and outs of Marketing. I worked whilst sitting in coffee shops overlooking the Cornish coast; under the watchful eye of the monkeys that roamed freely in Bali’s co-working spaces; from egg-shaped offices in Bangkok, having a cortado in Spanish terrazas – until I finally made it to the ever breath-taking Hawkwood grounds and joined the in-house team.

I am endlessly inspired by our mission. We are here for a purpose and not for money’s sake. Knowing that my work goes into having a positive impact on people’s lives is a knowledge I treasure.

Last year was a roller-coaster journey for our charity. But our small but mighty team managed through by supporting each other and making each other laugh during uncertain times.

Hawkwood is a truly unique place to work in. Its feminine leadership is palpable and inspirational. The eclectic mix of people whose voices are amplified by Hawkwood will always have something to inspire you. And it’s just the perfect mix between quirky, professional, driven, and supportive.



Hello, I’m Miriam, and I’m the Curation and Programme Manager for Hawkwood CFT, an organisation that catalyses creative endeavours and cultural exploration.

The quality of silence at Hawkwood is so often praised. It is a dynamic place of nurture, consideration and blue sky thinking. The work we do is incredibly collaborative, working with honesty and spontaneity as we see that both go hand in hand.

There is much joy found in the fluidity of our programme and in the local and global community that comes to fruit because this is so. Our environment is very human, often humorous, and never without creativity. Expanding our capacity as a place-based organisation with a digital realm has and is a colourful journey. I hope that the restfulness of the grounds of Hawkwood can be found in every nook of creative immersion that we offer. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!



I started working with Hawkwood in August last year. Since December I was asked to work on a more permanent basis within Programming & Marketing and I was absolutely thrilled especially after what was a challenging year.

I have a passion for creativity, self-expression and culture. My dreams have always centred around community spirit, people who want to explore the world as well as themselves. Born & partly raised in Colombia has meant that from a young age I have been interested in culture, community and an alternative way of thinking & living. I have been passionate about the environment and have always wanted to find a way to bring all those aspects together and work within a fulfilling space. Hawkwood has been an absolute dream!

Hawkwood in this short time has already given me so much life, it is also hard work but I feel a passion I have never had before like this at work. I have been inspired and moved by the Conversations That Matter, our speakers, our incredibly talented artists. Our Climate Action Lab III was incredible, not only with what we were able to share with the community about our Climate crisis (and what we can do) but also how we as a team worked so closely.

The level of passion and love within our team is again, nothing I’ve seen before.

I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of something so special. Having only been able to visit the Hawkwood grounds a couple of times since working here, I am looking forward to seeing Hawkwood bloom this spring and summer to really feel its full vibrancy. Our doors are opening in May for our onsite programme! So exciting!



I love that Hawkwood presents the widest range of learning opportunities, alongside making space for Conversations that Matter. From arts and creativity to systems change and future thinking.

I’m inspired by working with the Hawkwood team, the different streams of thought and the diversity this brings.

I’m inspired by working with the Hawkwood team, the different streams of thought and the diversity this brings. From climate action to the refugee crisis, Qi’Gong to building regenerative business and the best in arts, music and theatre.

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