Female Artists that Inspire us

This month is Women’s History Month, and we thought it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate our female artists. These wonderful women brought their talents, their individuality and their energy to create diverse, spectacular works of art. From writing to painting, pottery to performance, these artists represent women across the world and cultures.

This week we have four artists who have inspired us through their artist residencies. Click on the buttons to read more detail about their residency, or their names to find out more about the artist.









Zakia Sewell 2

Zakia Sewell

London based broadcaster, writer and DJ, Zakia Sewell, used her residency to continue research and writing for her show ‘My Albion’ about myth and folklore.

Emily Barker 6

Emily Barker

Songwriter, film and TV composer, and poet, Emily Barker, used her residency to hide away and devote her time to her songs and poetry.

Lauren Doughty 7

Lauren Doughty

London based artist and illustrator, Lauren Doughty, used her residency to further her research on the natural world and human’s connection to nature.

Fiona Eadie 1

Fiona Eadie

Storyteller of traditional tales and stories for occasions, Fiona Eadie, used her residency to relax, inspire and nourish herself and her creativity.

Comment below and tell us about the women that inspire you!


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