Female Artists that Inspire Us Part 2

Last week we published the blogs of four great women artists who we had the good fortune of being able to host here at Hawkwood. Our aim was to celebrate the diversity, individuality and talent of women in art across the world for women’s history month. Continuing that theme we have four new artists to share.

The importance of challenging and breaking biases is as vital now as it ever has been. Through challenging biases we can promote equality and pave a way for a more equal future. The best way to do this is through raising awareness about the achievements of diverse, creative talent.

According to the National Museum of Women in the Arts, 51 percent of visual artists today are women, however this number is not represented in museums, exhibitions and galleries. While some changes are happening we have the opportunity now to spread the word, whether about women in the present or the past, and make the change we want to see.

Only this way will we be able to provide the opportunities to those who deserve them, regardless of their background, ethnicity or gender. For more information about International Women’s Day and why it’s still important, click here or here.






Susan Kester 2

Susan Kester

Gloucester based artist, Susan Kester, used her residency to explore creative ideas and avoid artist block following her recent project. Her concern is to create a sense of place through both landscape and ‘found object’.

Frances Willoughby 1

Frances Willoughby

Artist of sculpture, installation, and more, Frances Willoughby, used her residency to reflect and explore collage through found images. She aims to distort preconceptions of the familiar through manipulating nostalgic objects and traditional feminine craft.

Mari Balsama Wilson 4

Mari Balsame Wilson

Journalist, Content Writer and Ceramicist, Mari Balsame Wilson, used her residency for relaxing, research and dedication to her creative practice. Her aim was to explore silence and in a non-domestic, familiar, or professional setting.

Dr Jasmine Black 1

Dr Jasmine Black

Storyteller & illustrator, sustainable food systems and soil researcher, Jasmine Black, used her residency to explore and expand her creative practice. Her work involves researching soil, trees and sustainable food, such as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and organic farming.


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