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Intro Iconographers Daily Prayer; Rule of The Seven Sacraments.

Vol 9 Prosopon Journal 

Every work has its own time. There is a time for working, and there is a time for praying – but there is also a time for praying whilst working. An icon-writer is not just an artist but a ‘theologian through images’. The talent of an artist is nourished by working, and the talent of a theologian is opened through prayer. An artist tries to meditate on God in their paintings, but the artist-Iconographer is practically touching heavenly powers through icon’s symbols, and to a certain degree, perceives the Presence of God. An icon-writer-theologian ought to be contemplating the Countenance (Prosopon) of God turned toward the world. That is why prayer together with praxis form the essence of the icon-writers life.

Nikita Andreyev

Nikita Andrejev is an iconographer-instructor who has learned his craft through a lifetime immersion. For years he apprenticed to his father, Vladislav Andrejev; complimenting this experience with postgraduate theological studies in Paris and the United States. As a member of the faculty team of the Prosopon School, Nikita has contributed to the development of unique teaching methods. The resulting workshop experience enables participants to create and grow through their icon making, developing spiritually through each icon. Since its founding in the 1980s, the School has rediscovered lost techniques of the ancient art of liquid egg tempera and has helped ignite a renewed interest in icons across the USA and the western world.

He will soon be running his course, “Icon Painting in the Russian Byzantine Style” (15-21 Dec) as part of the Hawkwood Programme


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