A Refreshing Summer

Spring is in full swing, and it’s only getting warmer. Sunshine is everywhere, and flowers are in full bloom. It’s time to be optimistic, to think about what to do with longer days and the return to the outside.

Here at Hawkwood grounds, we love the summer sun. It’s a chance to take a walk through history and nature. To stroll through our Victorian half walled garden, and see where we source our fresh salad and herbs. Or visit our woodland sanctuary among the trees for some tranquil contemplation.

But, to top it off, there are our summer courses. Our programme to enrich your Summer. From music to art and everything in between, there’s something for everyone. Why not take a moment to relax, rejuvenate and take advantage of the sun?


One way to take a moment is through music. Music is applicable all year round, perfect for any mood. You can listen to music anywhere, inside and outside, and at any point. Yet, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a picnic, or while finding yourself lost in nature.

So, what about taking it a step further?

While we have more daylight to spend, why not take inspiration from the natural world to write your music? Songwriting gives us an outlet to get what we’re feeling into the open. A unique way to express ourselves. It’s an invaluable skill.

You can use it to process your Winter thoughts and cleanse yourself of any built up negativity. The process is uniquely rewarding. It can be a hard process too, one that isn’t natural to us all. Like with all things, though, we can learn it.

Here at Hawkwood we have a course for anyone wanting to learn; Songwriting for Voices. Join Helen Chadwick to create harmony for unaccompanied voices, small groups and choirs. Challenge yourself with quick-fire writing and composition this summer.


On the subject of music; one of the best ways to enjoy it is with other people. Luckily, there are two concerts this summer that are ideal for this. Chances to stop and listen, together, and hear something you missed.

One is engaging and educational. A classical guitar concert, with chart topping guitarist Craig Ogden. The evening promises to be informative, with Craig discussing each piece. He’ll paint a picture through anecdotes about the composer, instrumentation or challenges. It will be a varied programme of key guitar works, with music by Aguado, Rodrigo, Albeniz, Villa-Lobos and Bach.

The other is a recital of Vaughan Williams’ work, with one of Europe’s leading conductors Gavin Carr. Spend a beautiful summer’s afternoon experiencing a choral recital with piano accompaniment. Understand the deep structure of choral music, and experience challenging singing. To top it off concert-goers will have afternoon tea included.

Let your hair down and sink into the world of music. Whether familiar or something new, these evenings will bring to music something you’ve never felt before. An ideal summer moment.


In summer, often you’d rather get up and move around. It’s understandable when music alone doesn’t quite hit that spot, and the sunlight is that inviting. On these days you want to branch out and blend into nature. There’s something for that too.

We understand that need. The impulse to connect through movement, to become something natural. It comes when you’ve spent all winter in doors, stuck behind a desk or hard at work. You need to get away from those four walls and buzzing electronics.

Dance Movement in Nature is for exactly that. This one day workshop happens among the picturesque woodland of Hawkwood. Here you reconnect with the textures, sounds, light and colours of the natural world. A much needed breath for anyone.

So why not stop and listen, you never know what you might find?

Take a look at the courses in the blog!

Songwriting for Voices

With Helen Chadwick

Create alone and collaborate with others in a Songwriting Workshop for Twelve Women.

Craig Ogden Guitar Concert

With Craig Ogden

An engaging summer concert with chart-topping guitarist Craig Ogden.

Choral Concert

With Gavin Carr

A choral recital of Vaughan William’s work with piano accompaniment.

22-325 Dance-Movement in Nature

Dance Movement in Nature

With Jemima Bennett

Find new ways to express yourself through movement and dance.

Will Tuckett studied writing at Bath Spa University. During that time he explored writing for a range of platforms and forms of interaction. Following that he went to Stockholm University to study Teaching and Literature. While starting in script, he moved to write for digital media and specialises in long-form. Will is now part of Hawkwood’s Marketing Department!


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