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When the world’s systems as we knew them begin to break down and decompose, our survival instincts surface. While we all have to tend to basic needs, here lies an opportunity to do so with awareness. Now more than ever, there is a clear invitation for you to act in the care of your own home.

house and home careYour home:

Your system, your household, your community and the earth.

In March, Hawkwood facilitated an immensely inspirational Climate Action Lab. Bringing together incredibly knowledgeable speakers, researchers and campaigners. All in attendance, individuals and businesses alike, left the lab with a clear ten-point plan of action on how to positively impact their world in response to the climate emergency.

Here’s a little boost of support, to encourage you to stay centred, consume wisely, and bring your eco-conscious choices into helpful action. Not only will this support our planet, but having a sense of positive purpose can bring emotional wellness to you and your household.

These are a few suggestions from our team:


plastic free house and home

Local & plastic-free!

By opting for your local plastic-free zero-waste store, you are supporting local people with local business, saving the earth of unnecessary plastic waste, and probably staying safer on the basis that your product has probably only been touched by one human hand! Health all round!

Let’s not forget the beauty of homemaking when storing essentials seems to be on people’s minds. What about soap? Toothpaste? Clothing? Make your own! Repair at home! Share skills, techniques, and recipes. Now is the time to stock yourself up with more affordable, world-friendly home necessities.


gardening home care

Plastic Audit your Home

Plastic auditing is quite like therapy. It is a full home-detox! Whilst spring cleaning, clearing the house of plastic and finding ways to reuse can be a fun family task that is great for the planet. Even simply bringing family awareness towards plastic use is a worthwhile use of your time.

Check out Claudi William’s blog for inspiration

Recommended Read: “A Monks Guide to a Clean house and Mind” by Shoukei Matsumoto


What is your money supporting right now?

triodos bank

With this interesting economic era, you have the autonomy to choose what your money supports. We proudly bank with Triodos, an ethical bank that works significantly differently to normal banks. Only lending funds they have access to, Triodos supports projects with positive cultural and sustainable impact; including Hawkwood.

We are immensely grateful for their support, for the lifelines they have given to Hawkwood and to many other creative and ethical organisations doing honest work across Europe.

Some of our staff are making the switch and rejoicing, are you?


What are the things that you are doing in your own home to support our eco-systems?

Comment below or send us a blog of your own. Thanking Eckhart Tolle for such clear insight, you can see his latest video here. An ever deeper reference to building the house!

Let’s make a foundation for the future together, right from our home!


Written by Miriam Buck who has recently joined the Hawkwood team in Marketing and Programming.


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