Transforming Crisis – It all has to go

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Transforming Crisis  |- ‘It All Has To Go’

In my role as a counsellor and coach I witness people’s surprising skill in transforming crisis into opportunity, says Catherine G Lucas.

A few years ago, just as Deb finally felt life was shaping up nicely – good job, new home, relationship – she heard the words ‘it all has to go’.  

‘I don’t think so’, was her indignant reply. But go it did, most within six months and the rest within a couple of years.  Family members and friends died and relationships ended; everything changed.

Deb’s life changed beyond recognition so fast she was left traumatised , taking several years to fully recover and adjust. Now she has no regrets – it was a painful but rewarding awakening of consciousness. Her spiritual faith strengthened considerably and she has had many profound experiences, including visions that deeply nourish her.

Awakening through crisis

Deb’s was a classic case of awakening through crisis. Now, with the pandemic, we are all feeling the effects of ‘It all has to go’. Suddenly everything familiar has been stripped away – work, school, leisure, getting together with family or friends. How do we make sense of it? 

Because of the lockdown and self-isolation we may find we have time to reflect on what the pandemic means for us individually and collectively. What changes do we want to make in our lives, in the world? How might our priorities be changing? This is a precious opportunity. We would be wise to take the time – to make the time, – amidst all the online social and business engagements, to reflect.  

What do we truly want for ourselves and the world? 

Catherine G Lucas invites you to her new online course 

Emergency or Emergence? Transforming crisis and embracing the possible 

Wednesdays 1600-1730h (BST) 27 May, 3 & 10 June 2020 

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Catherine is the author of four books on how to move successfully through crisis and come to a new place of flourishing. She is the Founder of the Spiritual Crisis Network, a UK charity and a mindfulness trainer. Catherine has been through profound crisis herself and fulfilled the potential it held for her, by going on to become a published author and international speaker. She has also supported many individuals during over 15 years of work in this field. Her media appearances include BBC Radio 4 and TimeWarner TV.


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