Immerse yourself in the Hawkwood experience on one of our residential courses, or simply join us for a day. We have a huge range of creative and inspiring courses: focus on movement and creativity with yoga or an art workshop, get involved with social change, reconnect with nature, or join us for a poetry, storytelling, classical music, woodwork, blacksmithing or embroidery course.

We offer a unique mix of vibrant and stimulating courses, often not found elsewhere.

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10 - 13 Aug
Event Postponed

Flutes Inspired

Facilitator: Elisabeth Hobbs

Do you love playing the flute? Would you like to improve your flute skills in an encouraging and supportive environment? Elisabeth’s focus is on helping you to make real progress in your flute-playing journey. This intensive course includes flute choir,…

13 Aug
Fully Booked

Beginner’s Guide to Nature Writing

Connect with the Natural World

Facilitator: Stephen Moss

Nature writing is not only one of the most popular literary genres, it is also a great way to connect with the natural world. Join naturalist, author and academic Stephen Moss for a day inspired by nature, and learn how…

14 - 15 Aug

Sketching in the Garden

Facilitator: Alison Vickery

Demonstrations and drawing exercises in Hawkwood’s beautiful gardens will inspire you to enjoy your sketchbook! You will be shown how to sketch using a range of drawing materials and watercolour and given guidance on the wide range of sketchbooks available.…

19 - 23 Aug
Event Cancelled

Qi Gong Meditation Retreat

Facilitator: Andy Henry

The focus of these five days is the study of Taijiwuxigong (a Qi Gong system) for self-healing, allowing us to come more into our real nature or our true state of being. This is characterised by an increased sense of…

26 Aug
Event Postponed

Walking & Writing About Place

Facilitator: Gail Simmons

Do you have a passion for places and words? Using a combination of classroom discussion, fieldwork and practical exercises, this one-day workshop will introduce you to the skills and concepts needed to turn your enthusiasm into writing that brings places to…

27 Aug

A Changemaker’s Retreat: The Wisdom of Self Healing

The Dance of Trauma and Healing

Facilitator: Katherine Long

A day for change practitioners and leaders to explore the dynamics of trauma and healing in their life and work. A day deep in Nature for your personal embodied wellness, and the wellness of your work.

27 - 31 Aug
Event Postponed

Create a Singing Bowl Masterclass

A meditative process with a master craftsman

Facilitator: Ton Akkermans & Carolina Schomper

Following traditional craft processes and working outdoors you will learn about the different qualities of metals, then shape and refine your own instrument to take home. Each day includes morning meditation and sharing in the group, as well as developing…

30 Aug

Monoprinting for Beginners

Facilitator: Cathy Mills

Monoprinting is a direct and inspiring approach to printmaking which will be done without a press. It requires rollers, printing ink, plates and paper. There will be time outdoors for drawing shapes in nature and gathering leaves to use as…

31 - 01 Aug
Event Postponed

Kabbalah & the Way of Myth

Facilitator: Mike Bais

In this course the metaphysics of Kabbalah will meet the wisdom of mythology. They will cross-fertilize each other as we work towards synthesis between this deep knowledge of the collective unconscious and that of the Tree of Life and Jacobs…

01 - 04 Sep

The Way of Kabbalah

Making Kabbalah relevant in our contemporary world

Facilitator: Kurt Browne and Joanna Lapage-Browne

The Kabbalah Summer School offers a great opportunity to learn about (and to find meaning in) the universal Kabbalistic Tree of Life. The four days incorporate illustrated talks, guided meditations, devotional practice and time in nature, combining to bring Kabbalistic…

03 Sep

Indian & Abrahamic Spiritual Teachings [online]

Spiritual Search: a public talk

Facilitator: Ravi Ravindra

Indian and Abrahamic Spiritual Teachings – a talk with Ravi Ravindra Spiritual scholar Ravi Ravindra was due to give this public talk on Self Inquiry & Transformation in the opening evening of his weekend retreat. Due to the COVID crisis…

06 - 10 Sep

Japanese Embroidery

Exquisite Traditional Art

Facilitator: Jackie Hall

This unique art form originated in Buddhist temples and is used for the elaborate decoration of Kimonos. This rarely taught skill has been based at Hawkwood for over sixteen years.  Using traditional methods and techniques you will produce truly stunning…

14 Sep

Reconnecting to your inner guidance [online]

Breaking through to your heart’s wisdom: A live talk

Facilitator: Sabina Rademacher

So many of us have been living cut off from our heart’s wisdom due to cultural, educational and societal up-bringing. This cut-off has a tremendous impact on our ability for heart-connection, and in particular, our very own self-love. Self-love is…

16 Sep

Return of the Larder: Abundant Harvest [online]

A Late Summer Masterclass

Facilitator: Daphne Lambert

In this charming masterclass, expert Daphne Lambert will share her skill, technique and know-how in the art of preservation. We will make preserves to enliven dishes, from the abundant harvest that is our late summer gardens, nearby hedgerows, and the…

22 - 06 Sep

Essential Oils from the Garden [online]

Facilitator: Jonathan Code

This three session course is an introduction to sourcing and using essential oils from plants that grow in our gardens. We will be working with common aromatic plants that grow in the UK. The course is in three parts, part…

25 Sep

Reinventing Organisations XTRA I

Connected Leadership (Module 1)

Facilitator: Peter Baily & Paul Jackson

This is the first experiential workshop of an innovative training course that comprises three modules starting September 2020. It builds on the world-recognised organisational model Reinventing Organisations, devised by Frédéric Laloux. We are asked to imagine an organisation where people…

12 - 15 Oct

Beyond the Hero

The Second Adventure with Olivier Mythodrama

Facilitator: Richard Olivier & Lesley Quilty

The story of Parsifal’s ‘quest for the Grail’ offers a profound mirror to reflect on the deeper patterns that run through our lives. Mythodramatic practices and breakthrough coaching sessions offer all participants transformational learning.

14 - 28 Oct

Return of the Larder: Fruits, Roots & Seeds

Autumn Harvest for Winter Wellness

Facilitator: Daphne Lambert

As the landscape changes to fiery reds and bronze and nature contracts and moves its essence inward, there is still time to gather the last gifts of autumn and preserve them in ways that will support us through the darker…

15 Oct

RSA Talk: The Good Ancestor

How to think long-term in a short-term world

Facilitator: Roman Krznaric

Come and listen to a leading philosopher and best selling author who is always entertaining and engaging. His newly published book The Good Ancestor argues that the greatest challenge we face is not climate change, extreme inequality or terrorism: it…

25 - 29 Oct

Sound, Silence & the Voice Inside You

Expand Your Inner Horizons for Authentic Expression

Facilitator: Chloe Goodchild

The Naked Voice Wisdom School – Autumn Retreat. This unique retreat is inspired by Chloe Goodchild’s lifelong experience with sound and voice as a contemplative and reflective experience. Enjoy exploring a range of sound skills for self-inquiry, conscious movement, and the…