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Immerse yourself in the Hawkwood experience from the comfort of your own home! Join us for a unique mix of vibrant and stimulating courses with leading tutors: focus on your creativity, get involved with social change, reconnect with nature or reimagine your purpose with our action labs.

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28 - 30 Jan

Wild Scribe – A Year of Nature Writing Virtual Event

Nature Writing Workshop

Facilitator: Mary Reynolds Thompson

Welcome to the Wild Scribe: Nature Writing Workshop! Here, you’ll explore your love of nature through writing. You’ll learn new journal and poetry techniques, discover how to unlock the power of nature’s metaphors, dialog with trees, and much more.

10 - 01 Mar

Living Presence: A Community of Sound Virtual Event

The Singing Field Membership

Facilitator: Chloe Goodchild

Chloe Goodchild has had a longstanding and well-rooted relationship with Hawkwood for almost three decades. The depth of her work brings an astonishing resonance that fills the grounds of Hawkwood and beyond – more recently with our online programme, beyond…

05 - 03 Apr
How to Change the World
Event Postponed

Speak to Change the World Virtual Event

Change the world through public speaking

Facilitator: John Paul Flintoff

If you had the chance, would you change the world? Of course you would. But how? You may want to stop something bad, or start something wonderful. Either way, to have real impact you need to share it, speak about…

21 - 30 Apr

Business Leadership Virtual Event

How to create a business the world needs

Facilitator: Alan Moore

The Business Leadership programme will help you to create a different type of business: one that will regenerate and restore our economy, our environment, and our civilisation. Are you ready to build a new reality?

22 Apr

Sing For Earth Day 2021 Virtual Event

A Celebratory Earth Day

Facilitators: Claire Dubois, Carrie Tree, Jojo Mehta, Liz Terry, Skeena Rathor & more

Join us for this online creative and celebratory event on Earth Day raising awareness for The Earth Protector Communities. And in support of Tree Sisters. Featuring an incredible constellation of Guest Speakers and Guest Artists. Our presenters will be contributing…

03 - 17 May

Mindful Drawing Virtual Event

Exploring mark-making as meditation

Facilitator: Anna Black

Mindful Drawing is an exploration of drawing as meditation. We will experiment with different exercises involving the senses and mark-making. There will also be short periods of guided meditation. No prior meditation or drawing experience is needed.

04 - 18 May

Advanced Nature Writing Virtual Event

Advanced Nature Writing with Stephen Moss

Facilitator: Stephen Moss

Naturalist, author and academic Stephen Moss has now run several successful and popular online and in-person taster courses on Nature Writing for Hawkwood. Join Stephen now for a course on Advanced Nature Writing, which will take you to the next…

04 - 18 May

How to Paint the Sky Virtual Event

Learn how to spot clouds & paint them

Facilitator: Gavin Pretor Pinney & Donna Levinstone

The Art of the Sky – A Watercolour Course This course of three live workshops will teach you how to paint in watercolour a range of varied cloud formations and skyscapes. As you learn different approaches and techniques for depicting…

04 May

Conversations that Matter: Life Lessons from Nepal Virtual Event

Resilience and hope in the High Himalayas

Facilitator: Zara Balfour and Phil Briggs

Conversations That Matter Series Join us for a new episode on our Conversation that Matter series that will take you to faraway places, consider a reality outside your own, and that will fill you with amazement for the human spirit’s…

06 May

Shaolin Cosmos Qigong Talk with Free eBook Virtual Event

An introduction to Shaolin Cosmos Qigong

Facilitator: Sifu James Lawrence

Ancient Art Modern Times Shaolin Cosmos Qigong is an Ancient Art for modern times. Imagine having the opportunity to practice an elite form of Qigong (Chi Kung) for: Good Health, Vitality, Longevity, Happiness and, Spiritual Joys. Sifu James Lawrence will…

10 - 13 May

Regenerative Confluence Virtual Event

An innovative 4-day conference in professional and personal regeneration

Facilitator: Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking

Explore the core principles and practices underpinning regeneration in this 4-day conference. This confluence will be facilitated by the Hawkwood team, opened by Dr. C. Otto Scharmer, author of Theory U, co-founder of the Presencing Institute and Senior Lecturer in…

13 - 27 May

Return of the Larder Virtual Event

Spring Harvest

Facilitator: Daphne Lambert

Green is the colour of spring. At this time of year, the upward moving energy encourages shoots of vibrant green energy to burst through the soil. Gather round the kitchen table to celebrate chlorophyll rich plants like nettles, wild garlic…

18 May

Music That Matters with Emma Warren Virtual Event

Make Some Space & Document your Culture: Music That Matters Series

Facilitator: Emma Warren & Matthew Shaw

Tune in for a Music that Matters episode with journalist, and radio presenter author Emma Warren. This event will be hosted by Hawkwood Curator Matthew Shaw. This event will be delivered via Zoom.

01 - 22 Jun

Play Ethic Creativity Workshop Virtual Event

A Creative Way for Our Time

Facilitator: Helen Tyrell

Do you long to bring more creativity into your life? We are creative beings! The wellspring of creativity which runs in all of us offers innovation, healing, beauty, and pleasure! This creativity workshop puts you in touch with your creative…

08 - 29 Jun

Wisdom of Self-Healing Systems: Summer Virtual Event

Summer Season

Facilitator: Katherine Long

Spanning the Spring and Autumn equinoxes, and the Summer and Winter solstices, this quartet of online retreats provides the opportunity to deepen your relationship with Self in a flowing exchange within the wider body of Nature.

17 Jun

Music That Matters with the Mirry Project Virtual Event

Carers: Music That Matters Series

Facilitator: Mirry Project Makers & Matthew Shaw

Tune in for a Music that Matters episode with Simon, Tom, Kirsteen and Rupert who between them put the Mirry project together. “Mirry is one of those rare projects where the story seems so absolutely magical, that it’s almost impossible…

23 Jun

Music That Matters with Alabaster dePlume Virtual Event

Music, caring, mental health: Music That Matters Series

Facilitators: Alabaster dePlume, Alicia Carey & Matthew Shaw

Tune in for a #MusicThatMatters episode with singer, songwriter and saxophonist Alabaster DePlume, well known for bringing theatrical spoken word to music audiences. This episode will explore the topics of music, caring, mental health and how they interweave. Hosting by…

29 Jun

Trestle Theatre Workshop Virtual Event

Exploring Mask & Character Physicality in an Online Space

Facilitator: Trestle Theatre Facilitators

Trestle Theatre Workshop Following several months of online and socially distanced working Trestle Theatre Company will be running a 3 – hour practical session Theatre Workshop online. You’ll explore some of the mask and physical theatre techniques from their practice…

03 Jul

Art of Adornment Virtual Event

An exploration of Feminine Artistry in Motion

Facilitator: Kerry Wilde

Art of Adornment Can clothing be the vehicle to feel good? How would it feel to arrive at a sense of inner beauty and allow that to be experienced through the way we dress? This art of adornment course will…

15 - 17 Sep
Regenerative Leadership Jenny Andersson
Event Postponed

The Regenerative Path Virtual Event

Leadership for the future

Facilitator: Jenny Andersson

We are in a time of transformative and turbulent change. A time of breakdowns and breakthroughs. A time that asks us to step courageously into an unknown, unknowable, emerging future. Are you longing for a different way to develop your personal agency…