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Immerse yourself in the Hawkwood experience from the comfort of your own home! Join us for a unique mix of vibrant and stimulating courses with leading tutors: focus on your creativity, get involved with social change, reconnect with nature or reimagine your purpose with our action labs.

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06 - 20 Aug

Poetry & Activism [online]

Enlivening the language of social change

Facilitator: Drew Dellinger

Poetry and activism both emerge from our capacity for imagination, our interconnectedness, and our love for the planet–allowing us to transcend world-views of separation and experience a cosmology of connection. These workshops will explore poetry, arts activism, creativity and social change,…

03 Sep

Indian & Abrahamic Spiritual Teachings [online]

Spiritual Search: a public talk

Facilitator: Ravi Ravindra

Indian and Abrahamic Spiritual Teachings – a talk with Ravi Ravindra Spiritual scholar Ravi Ravindra was due to give this public talk on Self Inquiry & Transformation in the opening evening of his weekend retreat. Due to the COVID crisis…

14 Sep

Reconnecting to your inner guidance [online]

Breaking through to your heart’s wisdom: A live talk

Facilitator: Sabina Rademacher

So many of us have been living cut off from our heart’s wisdom due to cultural, educational and societal up-bringing. This cut-off has a tremendous impact on our ability for heart-connection, and in particular, our very own self-love. Self-love is…

16 Sep

Return of the Larder: Abundant Harvest [online]

A Late Summer Masterclass

Facilitator: Daphne Lambert

In this charming masterclass, expert Daphne Lambert will share her skill, technique and know-how in the art of preservation. We will make preserves to enliven dishes, from the abundant harvest that is our late summer gardens, nearby hedgerows, and the…

22 - 06 Sep

Essential Oils from the Garden [online]

Facilitator: Jonathan Code

This three session course is an introduction to sourcing and using essential oils from plants that grow in our gardens. We will be working with common aromatic plants that grow in the UK. The course is in three parts, part…

14 - 28 Oct

Return of the Larder: Fruits, Roots & Seeds

Autumn Harvest for Winter Wellness

Facilitator: Daphne Lambert

As the landscape changes to fiery reds and bronze and nature contracts and moves its essence inward, there is still time to gather the last gifts of autumn and preserve them in ways that will support us through the darker…