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Immerse yourself in the Hawkwood experience from the comfort of your own home! Join us for a unique mix of vibrant and stimulating courses with leading tutors: focus on your creativity, get involved with social change, reconnect with nature or reimagine your purpose with our action labs.

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10 - 24 Sep

The Wild & The Sacred [online]

A Nature Poetry Writing Workshop

Facilitator: Mary Reynolds Thompson

We read a poem and something stirs inside of us. We walk outdoors and are similarly inspired.  A glint of sunlight, the fiery spin of a copper leaf, and life leaps up in us. In this series of three workshops,…

22 - 06 Sep
Essential Oils online 2
Event Postponed

Essential Oils from the Garden [online]

Facilitator: Jonathan Code

This three session course is an introduction to sourcing and using essential oils from plants that grow in our gardens. We will be working with common aromatic plants that grow in the UK. The course is in three parts, part…

23 - 07 Sep
Animal Communication Telepathy
Event Cancelled

Animal Communication [online]

Connecting with our Wild Tribe [online]

Facilitator: Jacqueline Buckingham

In this three-part online evening class, dive into a deep exploration of your relationship with the wild animal tribe who share the planet with us. In the process, reconnect with your own inner wild animal nature. * This online event…

25 Sep
20-390 Reinventing Organisations XTRA I 2
Event Postponed

Reinventing Organisations XTRA I [online]

Connected Leadership (Module 1)

Facilitator: Peter Baily & Paul Jackson

It is wonderfully ironic that, due to the COVID pandemic, we have had to re-invent our Re-inventing Organisation workshop. And even more ironic that we had to apply many of the workshop themes to create our online version – agile…

25 Sep

Reinventing Organisations XTRA Orientation Session [Online]

Zoom orientation session

Facilitator: Peter Baily & Paul Jackson

You are invited to join us for a 2-hour zoom orientation session; in this session, you will have the opportunity to meet other participants, hear about our 4 module online program and to ask us questions about any logistics, timings…

28 Sep

Conversations that Matter with Olivier Mythodrama

Ancient Tales Lived Now

Join us for this one-hour online Conversation that Matters with practitioners and facilitators of Olivier Mythodrama as we explore how the ancient and powerful old tales and original myths can enable us to transform the living beating story of our experience. This talk…

28 - 12 Sep

Making Peace Within [online]

Connecting to the natural power of your Self

Facilitator: Sabina Rademacher

“We won’t make peace on Earth until we find peace within ourselves.” When we turn our gaze inward, we can discover the most incredible innate and natural tools of healing and balance. The equanimity and calm we seek to find…

30 - 14 Sep

Flutes Inspired [online]

Learn, rehearse, perform: making flute music together again

Facilitator: Elisabeth (Hobbs) Parry & John Alley

Join Elisabeth and John in this short online course exploring flute technique and repertoire, with opportunities to perform and work on an ensemble piece together. In this 3-part course, we will come together to work on technique, put together a…

14 - 28 Oct

Return of the Larder: Fruits, Roots & Seeds [online]

Autumn Harvest for Winter Wellness

Facilitator: Daphne Lambert

As the landscape changes to fiery reds and bronze and nature contracts and moves its essence inward, there is still time to gather the last gifts of autumn and preserve them in ways that will support us through the darker…

08 Dec

Conversations that Matter with Stephen Moss & Gail Simmons

Nature & Travel Writing

Facilitator: Stephen Moss & Gail Simmons

Connecting with nature and place is central to our existence as human beings, and the current crisis has brought the importance of this – especially the wildlife and places on your doorstep – to the fore. This talk will be…

27 - 11 Jan

Signs, planets & aspects​ [online]

Astrology Course

Facilitator: Mark Graham

This three-part course will introduce participants to the basic elements of an astrological chart.  The course will look at how the signs of the zodiac reflect the changing seasons, the ‘personality’ astrologers assign to each of the planets, and how…